Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tracking Sales

Have you ever wondered how your publication is doing on YouPublish? There is a simple way to check. Once you are logged in, click the upper right corner of page either your name or on the Mine link. After doing so, you will be looking at your personal account. Near the top of the page, just below where you clicked your name or Mine, there is a series of links in blue, each starting with “My.” Click the section that says My Sales. In the My Sales section you can first see how much money you have earned in sales, as well as how much you have earned from referring your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else. There is also a Payout area that shows how much you have been paid out by YouPublish.
Below this section is a listing of the number of sales you have made in three categories: Paid Publications, Free Publications and Referrals. Of course, to keep the anonymity of our users, you will not be able to view who purchased your creations.
The last section deals with your Payment Details. When you click the Edit button, you can designate to whom, and where you would like your payment checks written.
There is also a small box at the bottom of this page talking about using your personal referral link. When you click on it, you will be taken to your My Profile section. At the bottom of this page is your Referral Link, copy and paste it, send it to your friends, and earn some cash.
If you have any questions about any of this, or anything else YouPublish related, email us at support@youpublish.com.
Happy Holidays from all of us at YouPublish!

Getting the Best of Emotion

Consumers are an interesting bunch. Most of them like to think, myself included, that each and every purchase decision is based on rationale, thought, research, etc. Consumers like to believe that they are in control of their buying habits, and they are, but only to a certain extent.
Real consumer thinking occurs when buying large ticket items, such as cars, major appliances and other high-involvement products. Of note of course are the hundreds of products consumers buy that do not fall into this category, which are items like snacks, drinks, tickets and of course, any digital product that can be purchased through YouPublish.  These items are often referred to as low-involvement.
Low-involvement items are purchased on an emotional basis, which is to say, they are bought without too much thought. People buy such items in two ways: they either see the product and immediately buy, or they see the product, feel good about it and then buy.
The key for proprietors of digital content, like all of us reading or creating this news blast, is to create content that others will instantly want. An important part of this, as has been mentioned before, is to do the little things like having intriguing cover art, having a catchy title, and of course giving a free sample (it is the Holidays after all, why not give some of your genius to everyone?).
When your product is done, and uploaded onto YouPublish, try and take a step out of your shoes, and view your product like a consumer would view it. What things about your page and/or products do you notice first? What could be improved? And, what is appealing about your products? Take note, fix the gaps, and your content as well as sales will definitely improve.

Featured Creators

Intriguing Creation

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Eye-Catching Cover Art

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Signing with an Advantage

There are many small ways everyday to promote yourself and your creations everyday. The more consistently you put yourself in front of your current and potential customers, the higher increase you’ll see in your page traffic.
One one of the very simple ways in which you can help increase your page traffic is by utilizing your signature in emails and in any other digital place where a signature can be left.
Anytime you send an email, along with your contact information, you can include a link to your YouPublish site. You can even include a one-two sentence about new files, updates and more. If you choose to do so, remember to keep your words professional and to the point. If it helps, you can think of your signature file as your e-business card.
One of the more creative ways I have seen YouPublish creators do this is by, not just leaving their page link in an email, but at the bottom of a text message too.
Remember, the more exposure your products receive, the more likely people will buy your creations, so be creative and promote yourself in any way you can.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RSS Feeds and More

Our developers have been at it again, working late into the night for your benefit. The first thing you should know is that we have added E-Mail and Share buttons along with the Link and Flag buttons that are directly above a file when you are viewing in-browser. It looks like this:

These buttons make it extremely easy to e-mail, link, and share interesting creations with friends, family, co-workers or anyone else who may not fall into these categories. Clicking the E-Mail button automatically opens up boxes where you can type in anyone’s email address, type a message and of course tell the recipient who the e-mail is from.
Clicking the Share button displays another button that allows you to share product information from the site with any of your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and dozens more. Clicking on any of the icons where you have an account automatically takes you to the site you select and types in the appropriate YouPublish link you wish to share.
RSS feeds have also been added to the Files and People sections of YouPublish. Look for this icon  in the address bar at the top of your browser. You can use the YouPublish RSS feed to subscribe to new people and files on the site.
Subscribing to the People RSS feed will give you the latest 30 people to join YouPublish. Subscribing to the Files feed will give you the latest publications with their titles and their descriptions. Clicking on any of the publications or author names will take you directly to their respective pages. For those of you who aren’t very familiar with RSS feeds, essentially, when subscribed to, they automatically bring you all the news, site updates and/or blogs to one place, instead of you having to go search all around the internet looking them up.
RSS feeds are a great time saver that can help streamline your internet browsing. For a great tutorial on how RSS feeds work, click here.

Comments & Feedback

It’s always nice to get a good comment or some feedback on your creations. Hearing your works praised can give you a boost. Having a second pair of eyes take a look at your work and give you a fresh perspective can help you better your products.
People tend to gravitate where other people go, leaving comments on other YouPublish creators will help build their credibility as well as your own. As you are downloading, buying and enjoying creations you find on YouPublish, make sure to leave a comment. This will assure that everyone has a better chance of succeeding, especially yourself.

Featured Creators

Intriguing Creation

Employee turnover is always a problem, especially when the reason for it is MURDER! Take a look into the world of a human resources professional dealing with cut-throat office politics.

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Eye-Catching Cover Art

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Pricing Pointers

The price you set for your product is essential to its success or failure. Remember that there are no printing costs involved on YouPublish, so prices should generally fall lower than a printed work. In the end the price is up to you, so here are some tips to help guide you to a decision.
The most important value that is in each of your creations is its content. EBook writer, Alain Thilbault, says to remember that you are “not talking about how you value your content…[you are] talking about how your customers evaluate the benefits provided by your content.”
Think of how much time, research, thought and creativity you put into your creation. How much is your product worth? This should lead you to an approximate price range.
Another good idea to help guide you to individual price points is to check out what the competition is up to. How are similar products priced? Does your product give more value to the customer? If so, you may want your price a bit higher, remembering of course that it is in the eye of the customer whether there is increased value, justifying increased price.
When looking at the competition one strategy you can implement is to sell your product at a lower price. If your product has more value for a lower price, customers will nearly always choose it.
Figuring out the right price for your products can be a bit tricky, but by testing the price, figuring out the value and studying the competition, you will be able to find out what price works best.

Featured Creators

Intriguing Creator

This former bodyguard of famed rapper Eminem has penned two fantastic works (so far).
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Editing a Published File

So, you’ve published a file!  As you’re checking out your newly-published product (we all know you do it) and basking in it’s glory, you notice something horrific. Whether it be a typo, a missing/misplaced file, or an incorrect title –  no worries; YouPublish has you covered. To make edits to your published file, go to “My Publications” and press the “Edit Publication” button. (Don’t panic… wait for the entire page to load and all your information will appear.) From here you can change your product information, description, price and so forth.  You can reorder your files by pressing the arrows or add/remove files by pressing the appropriate link.
As you take the exhilarating trip of editing, please keep your customer in mind.  It might be a huge disappointment for someone to return to purchase your product and be disappointed that it has changed.  For major changes you may want to consider starting a new publication.
Keep on publishing, and don’t worry about mistakes, we got you covered.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Spread the Word

Ever wonder what the most effective form of advertising is? If you guessed a multi-million dollar commercial during the Super Bowl, you’d be wrong, but that’s OK. TV ads are fine, as are radio, newspaper, magazine and even internet ads. Each one of these advertising tactics can weigh a hefty toll on your bank account, and are still not as effective as something that is free.
What is this magical, free, effective way to bring in droves of paying customers? Well, I’ll tell you. It is by utilizing Word-of-Mouth Advocacy. This simply means your customers, and you as well, become promoters of your brand/products.
Word-of-Mouth advertising is far more effective than any other form of advertising because people are far more willing to trust a friend, associate or family member, than a slick corporate ad that has been scientifically placed during a certain time slot, during a specific TV show, to reach a certain demographic.
According to Tom Duncan, in his book Advertising and IMC, the steps leading to promotion and advocacy “begin with awareness and move through identifying with the brand, feeling connected and in communication with the brand and being part of a brand community, to, finally, being an advocate for a brand.”
The key is start the conversation, be a self-promoter, don’t be afraid to show-off your works. Through this process, you can gain feedback (that will help better your craft), as well as promoters who will tell everyone they can about you and your wonderful creations.

(Almost) Free Money!

That’s right… YouPublish is giving away four $500 scholarships!  YouPublish wants to boost your creativity and help you out with school too. The YouPublish Scholarship is awarding four prizes for best original works in: writing, video, music, and other (which can be any file type, from photos to PPTs and beyond). Entering is simple!  Publish your file then go to youpublish.com/scholarship.  Fill in all information and press “Submit Scholarship Application!”  The deadline for submission is December 19th, 2008.
Judging will be based 70% on a panel from YouPublish, and 30% downloads and comments from the YouPublish community. Publish your works and enter today, or encourage those you know to do the same!  Check out published files daily and make sure to download, comment and rank your favorites. You could be helping someone pay for their education.
At this time, the scholarships are only available to USA participants.
Feel free to pass along this scholarship information to any college student you may know. Good luck!
Check it out at: youpublish.com/scholarship

Featured Creators

Intriguing Creation

This publication contains home schooling tips, stories, music and crafts for Dec. 1 – Dec. 25.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Corrie Woods

As a women’s life coach, author, and speaker Corrie Woods is passionate about helping others. Her message to women everywhere: To nurture great relationships, experience great health, do great work in the world and know great joy – it all begins with taking great care of you! She shares this message through her coaching, her writing, her website and now through YouPublish!
Check out her profile page and you will be able to download a free copy of her award-winning book, The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living, download other free ebooks, watch a video testimonial from Mark Victor Hansen, and download a free Resource Guide featuring products and services from Exceptional Women.
YouPublish provides an incredible platform for Corrie to reach more people. She promotes YouPublish frequently in her blog, her newsletters and in the media. Check out all her works out at:

Marketing Simplicism and Consistency

Many times when thinking of marketing, a few dozen ideas evolve and we tirelessly endeavor to accomplish them all. Trying everything possible to promote yourself or your business is never really a bad thing, but may often lead to little time and effort put into each tactic; which of course leads to a lack of quality in your marketing works, generally leading to no one coming to see what you, your business or products are all about. Big budget companies have the ability to focus on 12 separate marketing tactics, because they can afford to hire 12 different teams to carry out each individual focus. More than likely you are in charge of marketing yourself and/or your business. It’d be nice to have a team of college-aged cronies to do your bidding, but that’s just not how things are… at least not yet.
What you can do, and should do, is decide two or three things that will best promote yourself and/or business. These marketing tactics should complement you, e.g. your strengths, likes, experience etc. Don’t decide to do more public speaking if you’re generally scared to do so.
Once you have decided which tactics to take on, step one is complete. The most important part, however is this: consistency. Let me say that again, bold it, and underline it, capitalize it and reemphasize it: CONSISTENCY!
Why is consistency so important? Well, it’s all about focus. Once you decide to continually do something, again and again, people are incredibly more likely to take notice of your marketing. Doing a marketing tactic once and never doing so again, will nearly always end up just disappearing into the void of advertising noise that already exists.
If something works, keep doing it. Keep doing it until it stops working. It doesn’t have to be the flashiest or prettiest, it just has to be done continuously, so that it will break through the clutter and into your customer’s brain. Whether you need to participate in blogs, go to networking conferences or just pass out business cards, do it like you mean it, and do it on a consistent basis.
If you’d like to a good read on focus, check out what Mark Victor Hansen, Roice Krueger, and James Skinner wrote in their book, Focus: The Only Challenge in Business:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Featured

Have you ever wondered how others find their picture or publications listed on the homepage?  Today you’re going to discover how to be in the spotlight as well. First, it may be useful to understand how YouPublish organizes these featured files.  You’ll notice that there are two categories: “Browse Files” and “Browse People.”  Each category contains 16 items that can be scrolled through by pressing the arrow buttons to either side.
Still stumped why your publication is not showing in “Most Recent?”  You may want to ask yourself two questions: Did I upload cover art?  And when did I publish my file(s)? If your answer to the former is no, then you will need to do upload cover art immediately! Be aware that your publication will only show in Most Recent until newer publications have taken its place.
Creators are uploading new works everyday and new creators are signing up every day, so “Most Recent” files and people slots move quickly.
It can be very advantageous to utilize the “Most Viewed,” “Most Publications,” and “Most Discussed” feature spots. Promoting yourself and your products will lead to more view, and potentially more discussions on your individual pages.
One of the best ways to promote yourself is by promoting others. Be active on YouPublish, make comments on your fellow creators’ pages, and of course, find, download and/or buy creations on the site that you like. This way, people will know you’re out there, and will want to come see what you and your creations are all about.

Editor’s Picks of the Week

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Products are products, but what makes someone buy one product, when there are plenty more like it?
Imagine, if you will, a field of grass, with a single tree in the middle of it. What do you think your eye will be drawn to? The tree of course, but why? Because it’s different.
As Marty Neumeier, writer wrote in his book The Brand Gap, “Our brains are hardwired to notice what’s different.
What does this have to do with you? Well, you definitely want your products to sell, and to best achieve this, you’ll need your products to stand out in the crowd.
One of the best ways to do this is to develop your professional brand image. A brand is essentially how the world sees you and/or your creations. Public perception of your brand though, starts with you.
Neumeier puts the following questions before us to help us define what our brands are all about: 1. Who are you?
2. What do you do?
3. Why does it matter?
The first two questions are generally easy. A writer may respond to the first question, “I am a writer”, and “I write stories about college life,” to the second. But the third question is the stymie.
Why does your brand matter? What makes you so special? These are not questions to bring you down, but to make you think and to figure out what exactly makes you special and unique. It may take a day, a week, or more to answer the last question. But, once you do you will find yourself in a position to mold your brand into an effective one.
Once customers see your products and creations in this new branded light, they’ll find your products irresistible.

Editor’s Picks of the Week

Intriguing Creation

A modern super hero dealing with life and a world threatening computer virus.

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Compelling Title


Savvy advice in these times of economic woes.

Check out Bella’s works at:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Customize Your Order

Have you ever been frustrated that your multi-file product doesn’t display the files in a particular order? Our fantastic development team has solved this dilemma! (Good thing you’re on their minds all day.)
When publishing a multi-file product, or adding files to a publication, you may have noticed the up and down arrows to the right of each file name added. Simply clicking the arrow reorders the position of the files to the desired position, then POOF… your files are reordered!
To use this feature on a currently published product, log in and go to My Publications in the Mine section (youpublish.com/mine/mypublications). Press Edit Publication next to the appropriate product, wait for the entire page to load, then reorder your creations to your heart’s content.
You can see the fruits of your labor by visiting your product page.  You’ll see the list of “included files” on the right has been rearranged.

Creating a Free-For-All

You have created a great product…Awesome. You deem it a certain monetary value and set a price for it…Great. But how can you best utilize this creation to bring in more customers?
One obvious way is to make sure all your products have a product image associated with them. What else can be done for promotion sake?
While most free products on YouPublish can be viewed almost instantly in our site’s in-line viewer, products that cost money do not.
The remedy for this situation is to create a sample file of your product to be offered for free. Whether it’s the first first chapter of your book, or the first 30 seconds of a song or video, creating a sample file can show users what your product is all about and leave them wanting more.
Figure out a reasonable morsel of your product that will give potential customers a good taste, and create it as it’s own separate file (YouPublish recommends 10% of the total file). Then upload it in the same product file as its longer version.
Along this same vein of creating sample files, giving away a few files for free can draw in more individuals to becoming repeat customers.
Both sample files and free files are aimed at turning individuals into customers, and keep them coming back time and time again.

Editor’s Picks of the Week

Intriguing Creation

A little Sci-Fi adventure to brighten your day.

Check out Michael’s works at:
Check out his works at:

Check out his works at:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Editor’s Picks

Featured Creators
Intriguing Creator
Trevor Amon

Fantastic original music to be enjoyed by anyone.

Check out Trevor’s works at:
Check out her works at:
Compelling Title
Scholarship Vault
By John Pyzik

Check out his works at:

Editor’s Picks

Featured Creators
Intriguing Creator
Trevor Amon

Fantastic original music to be enjoyed by anyone.

Check out Trevor’s works at:
Check out her works at:
Compelling Title
Scholarship Vault
By John Pyzik

Check out his works at:

Marketing Tip — Getting To Know You

Your creation is great, and now that it is on YouPublish, you should just sit back and wait. Wrong!
The time for proactivity now begins. Getting your creation in front of the same potential customer, multiple times is essential. 50-80 percent of customers come after five to seven impressions. Here are some interesting numbers:
  • 5 – 10 percent of individuals become customers after one impression;
  • 10 20 percent of individuals become customers after two impressions;
  • 20 30 percent of individuals become customers after three impressions;
  • 30 40 percent of individuals become customers after four impressions;
  • 50 70 percent of individuals become customers after five impressions;
  • 7080 percent of individuals become customers after six or seven impressions.

What does this mean for you? It means to constantly find ways to promote your creation. Each impression doesn’t have to be a new ad or tactic, the key is to get your product in front of people as often as you can. Many people and organizations stop after three impressions; don’t let that happen to you. The sweet spot of turning individuals into customers is five to seven impressions. Be creative, do some research, and find out unique ways that will make your creation stand out to potential customers. Then, do it again and again, until you reach the sweet spot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Your Feedback Is Vital!

We’ve sent out a short survey to some of our registered users in order to gauge their satisfaction with YouPublish and to get feedback on some promised features. If you’ve received the e-mail, please take a moment to fill it out … your feedback helps us make important decisions about the future of YouPublish!
And if you’re reading this, having completed the survey, THANK YOU! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
Now why not take a moment to surf the site and find something new?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spam on the Blog

We owe our readers an apology.
We get a lot of spam on this little blog. You don’t see much of it, because our wonderful filter catches most of it (30 or so spam comments a day). But some slips through, so I scour the blog each morning and delete the spam we find. I’ve noticed, though, that occasionally a real comment will get accidentally erased. It’s understandable, but regrettable…
And then during my spam search today, I noticed that ALL the comments on the site have gone missing. I can only assume that I did this — that I somehow deleted all the comments on all the posts. But I have no idea how that happened. Hopefully it’s not irreversable. But if it is, please accept my humble apologies.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

YouPublishing Keeps Getting Better!

If you haven’t published a file since the upgrade release you’ve got to check it out—So fast and easy!
In just a few quick steps on one short screen your files are published and shared with the world:
  1. Upload a file or several in a publication
  2. NEW!—Rearrange the order of files
  3. Title and subtitle
  4. Write a description
  5. Upload a product image
  6. Set your price or offer for free
Optional—Upload a sample file on paid products
More Details (Optional—appear when you click the + sign):
  1. Copyright
  2. Credit to co-creators
  3. Split sales proceeds on paid products
YouPublish is the fastest, easiest way to self-publish on the web—and keeps getting better! Visit YouPublish now and publish a file.

Speak to Your Market

These days, marketing is about relationships, credibility and the ability to personally communicate your value.
Speaking provides you the opportunity to reach large numbers of people at once, and gain credibility as an expert.
If you are already a speaker, YouPublish provides an unparalleled resource to market and share your multi-media products.
If you want to become a speaker or sharpen your skills, Mark Victor Hansen’s upcoming MEGA Speaking Empire conference provides tools to help you sell more by speaking. Learn the psychology of the stage, a primer on the business of speaking, and a plan to integrate what you’ve learned and take it to the real world.
This is the must-attend conference for experts who are ready to make a name for themselves and start building their own mega million-dollar empires.
For an extremely limited time, Mark Victor Hansen is offering a FREE ticket to his other blockbuster MEGA event, MEGA Book Marketing 2009. If you act now you can reserve your tickets to both events for an un-heard of price of $599.
You’ll need to ACT FAST to take advantage of this pricing structure. So click here to learn more and reserve your seat: https://mvhansen.infusionsoft.com/go/MSEhtml/YouPublish/.

Editor’s Picks

Intriguing Creation
Our Beautiful Predicament: An Optimists Poem on Our World’s Situation
By Brad Morris of “The GratiDudes”
Wake up, give thanks, and enjoy—Be inspired to do your part!
Check out Brad’s works at youpublish.com/bradmorris.

Eye-Catching Cover Art
Meg’s Favorite Recipes: Try These Easy-to-Prepare Vegan Delights
By Meg Sibley
With Credits: Vegan Chef Todd Dacey
Check out her works at youpublish.com/megsibley.

Compelling Title
Simplicity and Success: Creating The Life You Long For
By Bruce Elkin
Check out his works at youpublish.com/bruceelkin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get Noticed, Got, Bought… Results!

Now that products can be got and bought right from file lists, it’s important to get noticed instantly. Use cover art, ratings, and a profile image to get attention.
Your cover art, profile image, and ratings are displayed throughout the site in Files and  People browses, search results, and in each creators’ Publications list.
Provide instant gratification for your fans with free products and samples in your paid products—Launched instantly in the new In-browser Viewer.
Four quick attention-grabbers to get results at YouPublish:
1. Profile image
2. Cover art for your publications
3. Free products
4. Samples for your paid products
Upload now and get yourself noticed!

Hands-down the Best

Personal recommendations are hands-down the best marketing a product can get.
Now that YouPublish is providing easy ways to recommend products — Use Comments and Ratings to get powerful personal recommendations. Who do you know who’d recommend your products? Jot down a quick list of 10 people. Invite these people to YouPublish if you haven’t already. Be sure to include a personal message in your Invite…
Check out my publications and please be sure to Rate and Comment—Many thanks!
YouPublish is a community—Who referred you to YouPublish? Who have you referred? Have you commented on and rated each others works? Log in now and give them the personal recommendations they deserve—Pay it forward and you’ll get yours…
Remember… When your referrals sell creations on YouPublish, you receive commissions—So start recommending their products and getting paid on sales. If your referrals haven’t published yet, e-mail or call them and ask them to Rate and Comment on your works—Inspire them!
When you do receive Comments on YouPublish, you will be notified via e-mail linking directly to the Comment, so you’ll get to see it right away—Then write a comment on that creator’s profile if you choose.
E-mail, call, rate, and comment on 10 people today to gain recommendations for your products.

Editor’s Picks

Intriguing Creation
Diary of an English Cad: Life and Times of an English Billionaire
By English Cad
A book ahead of its time helping solve problems ranging from global warming to selling on-line, to relationships, and more. Book reviews include:
“Buy the book it will change the way you look at life for ever.” Nelson Mandela
“I wish I had read this before invading Iraq.” George W Bush
“My dear friend Cad has helped me over come my relationship problems with this book.” George Clooney
“OK so I got it wrong.” Al Gore
All proceeds go to charity. Check out his works at youpublish.com/englishcad.

Eye-Catching Cover Art
Cosmic Cream Pie: Poetry and Prose for the Rabidly Conscious
By Aurora Seaton-Clawson
Check out her works at youpublish.com/auroraseatonclawson.

Compelling Title
From No One to Someone Great! From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard Ph.D.
By Suh Jin Kyu Robertson
Check out her works at youpublish.com/suhjinkyurobertson.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spectacular Views Everywhere You Look

Eye-popping upgrades make it even easier to find compelling files and people, view creations instantly, and build your fan base.
Cover art and profile photos now show in Files and  People browses, search results, and in each creators’ Publications list… making them all the more compelling.
You’ll also see stars—Ratings give you another way to give and receive feedback, and get noticed.
Getting noticed is key—Especially now that you can now get and buy products right from Files search and browse lists, as well as each creators’ Publications list!
Click on any file and it may be instantly opened —No download, no log-in. Free publications can now be viewed without logging in—Great for bringing in new fans. You can still choose to download files to your computer for offline enjoyment, and save in My Library for unlimited access.
Every page has upgrades… Visit YouPublish now and see for yourself.

Invite… Click & Track at a Glance

Now that YouPublish is giving you Invite, an automated system to market your creations—All you have to do is bring your e-mail addresses!
Simply enter e-mail addresses and we’ll send Invite e-mails linking back to your profile.
Monitor your Invite list at a glance—Status will show Invite Pending, Accepted, or Already a Member.
Send a Reminder Invite with two quick clicks.
Of course your Invites will be tracked and counted as your Referrals, paying you commissions when they sell creations on YouPublish.
Get your contact list and start inviting today at youpublish.com/mine/myinvitations.
It’s also a good idea to get your Profile ready for visitors—Make sure you have a photo and profile description to greet your Invites.

Editor’s Picks

Intriguing Creation
Joey Learns to Save!
By AAA Fair Credit Foundation
This coloring book for kids teaches the principles of earning and saving money as well as making wise spending decisions. Re-print and color again and again to reinforce learning.
Check out their works at youpublish.com/faircredit.

Eye-Catching Cover Art
Outta My Mind
By Seven Car Pileup
Check out their works that look great and sound even better at youpublish.com/sevencarpileup!

Compelling Title
Right Food, Right You: A Story of Weight Loss Success After Years of Yo-Yo Dieting
By Kathy Scheiern
Check out her works at youpublish.com/kathyscheiern.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Site Offline for Important Updates

We seem to roll-out major updates about once a quarter around here. And, well, it’s that time again… wish us luck as we go through the stressful/exciting/perplexing/crazy process of updating the whole site with all the bug fixes, improvements, and new features we’ve been working on since February.
See you again in a few hours!


At 06:00 GMT — a little over 12 minutes ago — we brought youpublish.com back online. Of course, this is where the fun really begins.
We’ll discuss our new features in the next day or so, but the biggest feature — and the one that we’re most excited about — is our new file player!
Now, files meeting certain basic criteria can be played right in the browser — music, videos, documents. But for them to work in the player, they have to be duplicated (we always keep the original file for downloading) and the new file converted to a Flash-compatible file format. And we’ve got several thousand files to duplicate and then convert. So don’t be disappointed if the playable file you’ve got your heart set on viewing/hearing/watching is sporting a “file converting… please download” notice.
In the mean time, check out the site — and let us know what you think!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It’s that Time Again!

A boat at full-power.
On Wednesday, September 17th, starting at 23:00 (11pm) GMT, we’ll be taking youpublish.com offline while we roll-out a boatload of updates, bug fixes, improvements, and new features. We’re expecting to be offline for several hours. But you know how these things go. When we’re live again, we’ll update the blog.
We can’t wait to hear your feedback — you’re our inspiration!
NB… You can translate GMT time into your own timezone here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Connecting Creators & Fans

One of the unique benefits of YouPublish is the ability for creators and fans to connect and interact.The Comments feature is allowing creators and fans to give and receive feedback for inspiration and product improvements, creators gain testimonials, fans ask questions and get answers, fans share how a creator’s work impacts their audience, and much more. These interactions build relationships and customer loyalty.
Publications with the most Comments get featured on the YouPublish home page, and coming soon… The YouPublish Ratings feature will allow fans to rate products, and high-ranking publications will be featured on the home page as well. One more way to get your products noticed—Get Rankings!
3 Easy Ways to Get Rankings & Comments
Start by Ranking and Commenting on other creators’ works—It’s unspoken creator code of conduct to return the gesture, so you’ll get Comments in return.
  1. Start by Ranking and Commenting on other creators’ works—It’s unspoken creator code of conduct to return the gesture, so you’ll get Comments in return.
  2. When you refer others to YouPublish ask them to leave comments and rank your works.
  3. Include a “please comment” note in your Profile Description.
Log into YouPublish now and add this line to your Profile Description:
Thanks for visiting—Please be sure to write a comment… I look forward to connecting with you!
Then check out some of the wonderful creations available on YouPublish and write a comment—You’ll be glad you did!

Editor’s Picks

Learn more about  Smile! at YouPublish

Intriguing Creation
By Michio Hitomi
With Credits Kazenomichi
YouPublish is the only website where you can upload any file type, and find flash animation among e-books, audio, videos, presentations, software, spreadsheets, photos, and much more!
This intriguing flash creation was just what I needed to lift my mood in the midst of a busy day.
Check it out and Smile!
Learn more about Reflections in a Park Bench at YouPublish
Eye-Catching Cover Art
Reflections in a Park Bench
By Kandis Glasgow
Check out her works at youpublish.com/kandisglasgow.

Learn more about 10 Minute Tidy at YouPublish
Compelling Title
The 10 Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly
By Shannon McGinnis
Check out her works at youpublish.com/shannonmcginnis.

Submit Your Story for FREE Traffic

Creators featured in the YouPublish News Blast, and home page get visitors, downloads, and buys.Submit your answers to the following points via e-mail to Support@YouPublish.com:
  1. Tell us your compelling story about the works you are publishing on YouPublish
  2. Your purpose for publishing and what you hope to accomplish by using YouPublish
  3. Your strategy for marketing and using YouPublish
  4. Anything else that makes your YouPublish story interesting
  5. YouPublish user name and company if applicable
  6. YouPublish URL
  7. Photo of yourself or Company Logo
  8. Bio or Company Profile

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Expert Advice to Save Thousands

Visit the profile for Dr. Doug Kenney at YouPublish

Dr. Doug Kenney
is a veterinarian offering expert insights to alleviate the unnecessary physical suffering of pets and financial suffering of pet owners. The e-book, The Wise Pet Owner, contains advice that can save pet owners thousands of dollars because so many pet problems are preventable but expensive to treat, and result in a seriously ill pet and unfortunately sometimes the death of the pet.
The fact the YouPublish allows Dr. Kenney to publish his e-book exactly as he created it, means he can include live links to all the company websites and reviews on each company to aid pet owners during their research. It also allows readers to print out tables that can be filled out as they are doing their research to summarize their findings and help them narrow down their choice of companies and then select the best policy for their pet.

Dr. Kenney promotes his e-book to existing clients and soon on his hospital website. One pet insurance company has asked to feature his book in their newsletter, and he is networking with other veterinarians to promote The Wise Pet Owner to their clients.
Publishing this valuable information provides added value to clients, peers and pets, and boosts Dr. Kenney’s credibility and expertise. Any pet owner would agree, there is great value in knowing your vet is doing right by your pet AND trying to save you thousands.
We want to hear your success stories! Tell us how you’re making the most of YouPublish—and how YouPublish is making a difference for you. The most inspiring will be featured in our newsletter, on the blog, and elsewhere. Take a moment and drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.

What is YouPublish?

YouPublish is a one-stop self-publishing website where you can upload any digital creation, find high-quality content, and connect with creators and fans.
It is the ONLY website where you can :
  • *Self-publish all media types in one place… Upload unlimited e-books, music, videos, photos, spreadsheets, CG files, seminar packages, software, lesson plans, corporate documents, and much more!
  • *Package multiple files in a single product.
  • *Split sales proceeds among multiple creators on a single product.
  • *Sell or offer works for free in one place.
  • *And connect with creators and fans to build communities around content using comments and other social networking features coming soon.
YouPublish is not like a typical online publishing company—we deal only with digital files. This means there will be no physical product delivered. All products are available in your YouPublish store for immediate download to your customer’s YouPublish library to be enjoyed on-line or off.
YouPublish makes self-publishing fast, easy, and free. The way you create and save the file on your computer is the way your customer will see and download it (i.e. if you create a poem and save it in Word, your customer will download it as a Word doc). No special formatting is required to publish your works to YouPublish—saving you valuable time and frustration.
All copy and publishing rights are retained by the owner when their works are uploaded to YouPublish.
In addition to a 50/50 sales split with creators, YouPublish encourages users to invite friends with a two year 7.5% referral commission. Referrals are tracked using your referral link:
youpublish.com/referredby/your personalized YouPublish link
YouPublish is poised to shift the current paradigm of online publishing and allow users worldwide to freely share their ideas and creations instantly and effortlessly.
YouPublish: Publish, Find, Talk about… Whatever!

Your 5-pronged Hook

What are 5 benefits your customer will get from you and your products?
Answers to this powerful question can help you better market yourself and your products. Use your answers to craft ads, titles, and product descriptions for your creations that will hook your prospects.
Quick example:
My products are nutrition, running tips, and tracking sheets for new runners.
My 5 benefits are:
  1. How to go from coach potato to marathoner in 16 weeks
  2. Double your distance in 1 minute—Walks
  3. Double your endurance in 1 minute—Sprints
  4. Avoid injuries—Don’t stretch
  5. Save time and eliminate excuses—Just do 20 minutes
Focusing a message down to 5 distinct benefits enhances your ability to market more effectively about your products and benefits.
It even sparks ideas for titles and new products!

Editor’s Picks

Visit the profile for Thomas John Taylor at YouPublish

Intriguing Creator
Thomas John Taylor
Thomas John Taylor is an oil-painter, poet, musician, and singer, who “writes for the fun of it.” His products currently include short stories with rich cover art. His profile showcases an extraordinary event “Art Show from the Lava Flow” you’ll want to check out. We look forward to products from this art show and more from this exciting creator!
Check out his works and visit often for more to come at youpublish.com/thomasjohntaylor.

Learn more about Betrayal, Deceit, Lies and Friendship at YouPublish
Eye-Catching Cover Art
Betrayal, Deceit, Lies and Friendship
By Deleshia Lee

Check out her works at youpublish.com/deleshialee.

Learn more about How to Change the World Even When I Have Bills to Pay at YouPublish
Compelling Title
How to Change the World Even When I Have Bills to Pay: An awesome hand-guide with 111 simple, yet profound ways that you may begin making a positive difference in the World!
By Brad Morris of “The GratiDudes”

Check out his works at youpublish.com/bradmorris.