Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It’s Alive!

We’ll have to tell you how we got here another day… but here we are. We’ve just formally launched YouPublish. And we couldn’t be happier.
What, exactly, is YouPublish?
YouPublish is our modest attempt to change everything™… To make a difference™… and to do it all while keeping a firm hand on the Holy Book of Web Development: Getting Real.
We’re a far-flung team… with people scattered from Singapore to Salt Lake City. But to a person, we’re creative people. And we don’t just write books. We don’t just make videos… We’re creative, we create. And we needed a place to not only share our creations but to sell them if we wanted to. And so here we are, launching YouPublish.
Now anyone — no matter their stripe — can share their passions with the world! No matter what file type, you can publish it at YouPublish. Sell it or offer it for free. You decide.
Do you have a book to share? An album of original music? A wicked-cool spreadsheet? What about a lesson plan? Seminar support materials? Religious tracts? Digitized sheet music? 3D models? You’re only limited by your imagination.
And soon (very soon) we’ll be adding the social networking tools that will take this all to the next level.
So, yeah… YouPublish: Publish, Find, Talk about… Whatever!

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