Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunny, Wonderful, Orange County…

With a team as far-flung as ours (with folks spread from Salt Lake City to Singapore), we take face time seriously. So when we hosted our first YouPublish University Authors’ Workshop last week in Irvine California, we all jumped at the chance to get together and hash-out detailed plans for the site’s next three or four months. Our first get together was in Tokyo back in January… so this second meeting was dubbed “Tokyo II”.
( I’m personally hoping Tokyo III might be in Norway! )
Anyway, the YouPublish University Authors’ Workshop was an amazing success — and it was wonderful meeting so many of you! We had great feedback from some of our earliest users, which got us rolling on the right track when we sat down at the table for two full days of white-boarding.
Most of us just got back to our respective towns this weekend, so stay tuned as we nail down a few more details… and we’ll have some sneak peaks into our plans for the site in the next week or two.

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