Saturday, May 31, 2008

YouPublish at BEA in Los Angeles

For the past few days members of the YouPublish team have been at BookExpo America in Los Angeles, California. BEA is the second largest book expo in the world. And in my opinion it’s one of the more enjoyable events I’ve attended. Think of wandering through miles of good books and great people. Sounds like heaven, right? The only things missing were cafes on every corner and miles of comfy sofas and chairs so I could have dug right into some of the books I picked up. I think I’m bringing home 20 extra pounds of books in my luggage.
We’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of authors, publishers, publicists and others. We’ve made some new friends and learned a lot about how YouPublish can help augment the distribution and marketing efforts of authors and publishers.
One highlight was listening to Jeff Bezos of Amazon speak about their recent success with the Kindle. It is a remarkable device. Amazon seems to see some of the same trends in digital books that we at YouPublish are addressing. More and more readers are buying and viewing digital books. But missing from Amazon’s and most other digital media services is the breadth that we’ve tried to capture at YouPublish. Where can you publish ANY type of digital file (written, audio, video, software, etc.) in any combination you choose for any price you set or for free?
Answer: YouPublish.
It’s a great time to be a part of YouPublish!

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