Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Learn from the Best

Visit the profile for Franklin Covey at YouPublish

FranklinCovey is the global leader in effectiveness training, productivity tools, and assessment services for organizations and individuals.
Now at YouPublish, FranklinCovey offers a library of over 260 files, available for immediate download.
Customers enjoy instant gratification and significant discounts—Saving on downloads versus CDs, postage, and time waiting days for purchases in the mail.
Their YouPublish profile page showcases the FranklinCovey brand, including their customized public profile link and display name, impressive company description, and a wide range of products, for sale and for free, with compelling product descriptions, and samples.
FranklinCovey is marketing their YouPublish store via e-mail, inviting customers to download free products and enjoy the immediate gratification of the extensive library available at YouPublish. They continually offer exciting new products, bonuses, and incentives to keep customers coming back!
A global power-house, with significant web presence, recognizing YouPublish as a valuable distribution point for products… Free and easy to use… A no-brainer!
Get your free downloads now at youpublish.com/franklincovey—and return often for on-going success!

We want to hear your success stories! Tell us how you’re making the most of YouPublish—and how YouPublish is making a difference for you. The most inspiring will be featured in our newsletter, on the blog, and elsewhere. Take a moment and drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.

Search Files, Search People… Find YOU

You do wanna be found, doncha?!?
Then it’s best to be where people can see you. At YouPublish that’s…
On the home page—Upload a profile image, cover art for each product, and submit your story for high visibility and free traffic.
File Search—Upload something, anything, a free sample of your work, a photo, business card… You only show in File Search results if you have a file! When you upload a file use the product description to include your name and website, especially if different than your YouPublish display name.
People Search—Use your profile link and display name to showcase your brand, and be sure to include your website, your name, and any aliases people may use to search for you in your profile description… Cover your bases.
Smart use of these simple tools will really getcha noticed!

Editors Picks

Learn more about Cards of Destiny at YouPublish
Intriguing Creation
Cards of Destiny: A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide
By Sharon Jeffers “Star of the Magi”
Published by Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA
Sharon Jeffers, internationally known, award-winning author shares digital versions of these mystical cards in English and Japanese.
Instructions are included to use Cards of Destiny as a tool for empowerment, providing insight into oneself, choices, and relationships… And for fun!
Check out her works at youpublish.com/starofthemagi.
Learn more about Grandparents Rock at YouPublish
Eye-catching Cover Art
Grandparent’s Rock!
By Pat Burns
With Chaz DeSimone (Cover Artist)
Check out their works at youpublish.com/patburns and youpublish.com/chazdesimone.
Learn more about The Meaning of Life at YouPublish
Compelling Title
The Meaning of Life: Now, Why Am I Here??
By Jodi McDonald
Check out her works at youpublish.com/godisaverb.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Comments are Priceless

YouPublish is a site for publishing content, but it’s also a place to talk about the files we get.
From constructive criticism to testimonials, as a creator there are few greater gifts than the joy of having someone take the time to experience your creation and respond.
Make a point today to log in to YouPublish.com and make a creator’s day… Write a comment.
Comments are fast, easy and powerful…
To receive a gift is grand, but to give is even better!
Give abundantly and trust your returns will be ten-fold… Watch as comments fill your page too.
Write one now at youpublish.com.

Lost Youth

Visit the profile for Eternal Youth Empire at YouPublish
As creators we often draw inspiration from life and the world around us… Veronica Grey, Co-founder of Eternal Youth Empire certainly has.
Eternal Youth Empire is a non-profit organization focused on longevity, age-reversal, and supporting humanitarian causes.
The inspiration, experience and expertise for the organization and their products, are drawn from Veronica’s “lost youth.” Kidnapped at the age of 7 by her biological father, Veronica traveled for 9 years through the Philippines, Canada, and America, under different names, hiding from the FBI, until finally reunited with her mother in California at age 16. Veronica graduated from UCLA then hitchhiked around the world, studying with many gurus, shamans and holy persons along the way.
Learn Veronica’s secrets to regain lost years and “flip over your hourglass.” Read Eternal Youth Empire’s 6 Newly Discovered and Never Before Published Secrets to Eternal Youth and Immortality.
Eternal Youth Empire links to YouPublish from their website to both promote their own work and encourage other artists to share their own gifts.
As successful YouPublishers, they’re using all the tools:
  • Branded profile link
  • Eye-catching profile photo
  • Personalized display name
  • Engaging profile description, including reasons to buy, free bonuses, calls for action, and a link to their website
  • Compelling products, including cover art, free products, great titles, and intriguing product descriptions
  • YouPublish referral link on their website
Don’t lose another hour—Check out Eternal Youth Empire now at youpublish.com/eternalyouthempire.
We want to hear your success stories! Tell us how you’re making the most of YouPublish—and how YouPublish is making a difference for you. The most inspiring will be featured in our newsletter, on the blog, and elsewhere. Take a moment and drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.

Editor's Picks

Learn more about What Really Causes Aids at YouPublish
Intriguing Creation
What Really Causes Aids
By Dr. Harry Foster
Publisher Brian Holmes
Dr. Harold Foster, a world-renown Medical Geographer, has developed a compound that reverses AIDS. This report clearly details his findings. Don’t miss this ground-breaking research to create a healthier world… A must read for every living person.
Check it their works at youpublish.com/hm2u.
Learn more about Time Soldiers at YouPublish

Eye-Catching Cover Art
Rex: Time Soldiers Boook #1
By Robert Gould
Check out his works at youpublish.com/robertgould.
Learn more about Have a Great Year Every Year at YouPublish

Compelling Title
Have a Great Year Every Year
By Dave Yoho
Check out his works at youpublish.com/daveyoho.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Page, Comments & More

The new home page features product and profile images with direct links to YOUR YouPublish pages… Be sure your profile and products have images uploaded so you get your time on the home page.
In our commitment to continually improve YouPublish, we’ve made 57 more enhancements to youpublish.com since the last release three short weeks ago!
Check out more of these exciting enhancements:
Comments—Fans can now provide valuable feedback, suggestions and insights to fine tune your work. Accessibility… A hotline between you and your fans.

Search Files
window in the upper right-hand corner of all pages—So now, wherever you are on the site, you can always search for a file.

Video Tutorials
—You asked for them, now they’re easy to find and use right there on the home page.
How Others Use YouPublish—Publishers just like you are featured in a telling story with a photo and link to their YouPublish page. Submit your story to be featured in the News Blast and home page—Drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.
Visit YouPublish now to update your Profile and Products with images to be featured on the home page.
Tell us what you think of the new home page… We’d love to hear from you at support@youpublish.com or blog.youpublish.com!

Victorious Living

Visit the profile for Yvonne Chamberlin at YouPublish
Yvonne Chamberlain is living proof of the power of thought… Given 6 weeks to live she cured herself of black melanoma cancer and now shares her lessons not just for people who have a sickness, but for everyone who wants victorious living!
She published Why Me? Kicking Cancer and Other Life Changing Stuff after 28 years of telling her success story and being prodded by so many to write it… She awoke one morning with divine inspiration, wrote it all down, publisher doors opened, and the rest is history.
She sees YouPublish as an incredible opportunity to raise awareness, encourage responsibility, and impact positive change. Her principles touch on self-esteem, relationships, leadership, health, life change and more.
To see how her cancer can make YOU a better leader, check out her free article What Really is Leadership?
She uses YouPublish to promote her speaking and consulting business, website, and print book.
Her successful use of YouPublish includes all the right stuff:
  • Branded profile link
  • Attractive profile photo
  • Personalized display name
  • Compelling profile description, including: a great story, calls for action, a  link to her website, and e-mail for direct access.
  • Compelling Products, including cover art, free products, great titles, and irresistible product descriptions.
Don’t waste a minute—Check out Yvonne’s page now youpublish.com/born4abundance.
We want to hear your success stories! Tell us how you’re making the most of YouPublish—and how YouPublish is making a difference for you. The most inspiring will be featured in our newsletter, on the blog, and elsewhere. Take a moment and drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.


Do you offer anything free on your YouPublish page? Tell everyone to come to your page to get  their free… Whatever!
Get your FREE _________ at  youpublish.com/referredby/YourPersonalizedReferralLink
What fills in the blank for you?
Report, e-book, article, coupon for a 1-hr consultation, copy of the interview, audio book when you buy this print version, chapter of the next installment in the series, video of the presentation, slides from the presentation, notes from the class, audio recording of the conference call, brochure to learn more about my work, worksheet to track your progress, video to learn how to… Whatever!
Get creative… What would you want if you were your prospect?
Add this call to action to your e-mail signature, website, social networking site, newsletter, conference call, presentation, class, book, video, training, etc.

Editor's Picks

Learn more about The 237 Best Things at YouPublish
International best-selling author, Ernie Zelinski shares this ultimate retirement resource with anyone contemplating retirement and connoisseurs of great quotes. Links to this insightful and entertaining e-book are also offered, so you can provide the e-book as a freebie on your own website.
Check it out his works at youpublish.com/ernie-zelinski.
Learn more about Freestyle the Mag at YouPublish
Eye-catching Cover Art
Freestyle The Mag
By Freestyle The Mag
With Credits to Drexel (Cover Artist)
Check out her works at youpublish.com/freestylethemag.
Learn more about Life 101 at YouPublish
Compelling Title
Life 101: Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life In School—But Didn’t
By Peter McWIlliams
With Ashlie e-books (reprint)
Check out his works at youpublish.com/hughashlie.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Home Page and Commenting Feature

We’re excited to announce some great new features on YouPublish.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our new home page (youpublish.com).  We’re taking steps to a more interactive experience on the site, and this is the first of many to come.  We’ve also released the “commenting” feature as part of our goal to allow communication between users of the site.   Comments can be made on both publications and people’s profiles.  We’re looking forward to the great interactions that will go on as everyone participates in building the YouPublish community.
Along with these two “high profile” features, the development team managed to sneak in 60 some odd changes/fixes/etc (some you may not notice right away) in this release.  The development team is feeling some nice momentum in feature building – look for more exciting things in the weeks to come…
—Thanks, The YouPublish Dev Team (we love comments and feedback!)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Spread the Light

Visit the profile for Ana Garcia at YouPublish
Ana Garcia is raising her daughter, Itsaso, a very spiritually advanced “Star child,” in South Africa. Star children are born to bring peace, love and harmony to the next generation, and Itsaso is already teaching Ana valuable lessons shared in Ana’s books: Conception and Pregnancy: Allowing and Aligning with Life, and coming soon Advanced Healing: Energy Discussions for Leading Lightworkers.
Ana is YouPublishing with a message of hope. She wants to spread the light of Star children, and help others raise all children with the care and consciousness needed for them to truly shine and do the work they are here to do. Ana hopes to support the changes we all need to make to heal the planet and fulfill our potential.
To market her YouPublish page, Ana uses her Public Profile link everywhere she can:
  • At the bottom of emails as part of her signature
  • In her bios on her website and Facebook account
  • In her articles
  • Anywhere her contact information is listed
  • In her e-books
Ana has prepared her YouPublish page to receive visitors by:
  • Uploading her photo
  • Writing a compelling Profile Description
  • Using her Public Profile Link and Display Name to showcase her name
  • Published quality products complete with Cover Images, Samples and detailed Descriptions
Check out Ana’s page and be inspired to fulfill your potential at youpublish.com/ana-garcia.
We want to hear your success stories! Tell us how you’re making the most of YouPublish—and how YouPublish is making a difference for you. The most inspiring will be featured in our newsletter, on the blog, and elsewhere. Take a moment and drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.

Social Networks

YouPublish now has a Facebook page, and coming soon… pages on MySpace and other social networks.
Social networks make it oh-so-easy to tell your friends about YouPublish. Here’s what to do (using Facebook as an example):
  1. Log in to your Facebook account… Or create one, it’s FREE!
  2. Search the term YouPublish
  3. Find our Page
  4. Become a Fan
  5. Copy and past your Referral Link on your wall…
Check out my creations at youpublish.com/referredby/YourPersonalizedReferralLink
Now, everyone in your network sees you became a fan of YouPublish and you wrote on your wall. In about 30-seconds, you automatically sent two e-mails to all of your friends about YouPublish.
Follow up tomorrow with an e-mail to your referrals and watch your referrals add up!
Log in to your YouPublish account, click Mine, then My Sales and see your number of referrals go up and up and up!

Insider Tip…

The home page is undergoing re-design and when it launches in a few short days, it will feature Profile Photos and Cover Art…
Will your images be there to be clicked???
We’ve told you before “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Clicks” and now the home page will deliver clicks to your page!
Your image(s) will be featured on the YouPublish home page when you upload a Profile Photo or Logo, and upload a Cover Image to each of your products on YouPublish.
Visit YouPublish now to update your Profile and Products!
Check out the YouPublish Blog for more great insights at blog.youpublish.com.

Editor's Picks

Learn more about Real Analysis at YouPublish
By ClassicalRealAnalysis.com
With A.M. Bruckner, J.B. Bruckner, and B.S. Thomson
A YouPublish top-seller publishing downloadable versions of mathematics textbooks and driving traffic to their website.
Classical Real Analysis provides some relief to cash-strapped students and their families by offering digital textbooks, online free of charge or almost, or in hard copies for a small fraction of the cost of traditional books. The digital books can also be easily customized and updated, eliminating the waste experienced with traditionally published textbooks.
Publishers like Classical Real Analysis know colleges and universities must embrace new methods of textbook development and distribution if they want to rein in runaway costs. YouPublish is proud to support this movement toward affordability and sustainability.
Check out their works at youpublish.com/classicrealanalysis.
Learn more about AFRICA at YouPublish
Eye-Catching Cover Art
AFRICA: The World’s First African Symphony
By Aaron Shamy

Check out his works at youpublish.com/aaronshamy.
Learn more about The Ultimate Allowance at YouPublish

Compelling Title
The Ultimate Allowance: Teach them now… or live with them later
By Elisabeth Donati
Check out his works at youpublish.com/creativewealth.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Inspired Action

Inspired to take action to heal the planet, Ran Elfassy shares tips, tricks, and motivational suggestions in his book Greening My Life – How to Help the Environment and Save Money While Doing It.
Then, to get people even more interested, Ran approached sellers and makers of ethical products and conservation solutions, hoping to get fantastic deals to entice readers to buy from these great partners. In this edition of Greening My Life, readers get rebates on hardware for the home and office, as well as great deals on ethical clothing and more.
By partnering with these great companies, and drumming up local and international media attention for his book, Ran drives traffic to his YouPublish page.
Ran and his partners view YouPublish as an important channel for spreading the word. He has prepared his YouPublish page to receive visitors…
His welcoming photo greets us and his Description draws us in to browse his products.
His products also feature compelling descriptions and samples to “taste” before we buy.
As consumers, when we see a YouPublish creator’s page that is well-done, it automatically increases our confidence in the level of care and professional quality we will find in the products. What will you do to enhance buyer confidence on your page?
Check out his works at youpublish.com/sigeimedia.


Keep it Super Simple… Choose the FREE marketing method that’s easiest for YOU today. And begin sharing the gift of YouPublish.

Include your referral link in your…

  • E-mail signature
  • Websites and social networking profiles
  • Blogs
  • Print and e-mail newsletters
  • Print and e-mail mass mailings
  • Customized referral e-mail, and send it to everyone in your database

Editing Your Published Products

In the recent release of 84 enhancements to YouPublish, we made it easier for you to edit your Published products.
Once a product is published, YouPublish locks-down some details to make certain that people have a positive experience browsing and buying files on YouPublish.
Now, we are allowing creators to edit far more of the product fields, including:
  • Kind of product
  • Title
  • Sub-Title
  • Price
  • Product Image
  • Product Description
  • Target Language
  • Credits
  • Sample
The few things you cannot edit, would therefore require you to create a new publication…
  • Uploading a different file
  • Licensing change
  • Publication Commission split changes
We hope these editing enhancements support your experience at YouPublish and encourage on-going improvement of your products.
Check out the YouPublish Blog for more great insights at blog.youpublish.com.

Editor's Picks

To Christian Eric Hoffman as the first YouPublish creator to have his profile viewed 1,000 times… And then some!
See what the buzz is all about at youpublish.com/christianerichoffmann.

Intriguing Creation
BIRDS: 225pp coloring eBook .pdf
By Julie W. Buscher
A 225 page e-book filled with printable  coloring and crafts provides hours of fun for everyone in your family, regardless of their age!
Includes full master resell rights to this eBook… You are free to sell this 225 page eBook and keep 100% of the profits!
Check out her works at youpublish.com/juliewbuscher.

Eye-catching Cover Art
Mom at 93
By J.L. Justice
With Voiceover By: M.J. Hummingway
Check out their works at youpublish.com/raythefish.

Compelling Title
Million Dollar Questions: 10 Powerful Questions that will Change Your Life and how to use them well
By Steve Weir
Check out his works at youpublish.com/steveweir.