Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Inspired Action

Inspired to take action to heal the planet, Ran Elfassy shares tips, tricks, and motivational suggestions in his book Greening My Life – How to Help the Environment and Save Money While Doing It.
Then, to get people even more interested, Ran approached sellers and makers of ethical products and conservation solutions, hoping to get fantastic deals to entice readers to buy from these great partners. In this edition of Greening My Life, readers get rebates on hardware for the home and office, as well as great deals on ethical clothing and more.
By partnering with these great companies, and drumming up local and international media attention for his book, Ran drives traffic to his YouPublish page.
Ran and his partners view YouPublish as an important channel for spreading the word. He has prepared his YouPublish page to receive visitors…
His welcoming photo greets us and his Description draws us in to browse his products.
His products also feature compelling descriptions and samples to “taste” before we buy.
As consumers, when we see a YouPublish creator’s page that is well-done, it automatically increases our confidence in the level of care and professional quality we will find in the products. What will you do to enhance buyer confidence on your page?
Check out his works at youpublish.com/sigeimedia.

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