Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lost Youth

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As creators we often draw inspiration from life and the world around us… Veronica Grey, Co-founder of Eternal Youth Empire certainly has.
Eternal Youth Empire is a non-profit organization focused on longevity, age-reversal, and supporting humanitarian causes.
The inspiration, experience and expertise for the organization and their products, are drawn from Veronica’s “lost youth.” Kidnapped at the age of 7 by her biological father, Veronica traveled for 9 years through the Philippines, Canada, and America, under different names, hiding from the FBI, until finally reunited with her mother in California at age 16. Veronica graduated from UCLA then hitchhiked around the world, studying with many gurus, shamans and holy persons along the way.
Learn Veronica’s secrets to regain lost years and “flip over your hourglass.” Read Eternal Youth Empire’s 6 Newly Discovered and Never Before Published Secrets to Eternal Youth and Immortality.
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