Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Search Files, Search People… Find YOU

You do wanna be found, doncha?!?
Then it’s best to be where people can see you. At YouPublish that’s…
On the home page—Upload a profile image, cover art for each product, and submit your story for high visibility and free traffic.
File Search—Upload something, anything, a free sample of your work, a photo, business card… You only show in File Search results if you have a file! When you upload a file use the product description to include your name and website, especially if different than your YouPublish display name.
People Search—Use your profile link and display name to showcase your brand, and be sure to include your website, your name, and any aliases people may use to search for you in your profile description… Cover your bases.
Smart use of these simple tools will really getcha noticed!

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