Friday, July 4, 2008

Social Networks

YouPublish now has a Facebook page, and coming soon… pages on MySpace and other social networks.
Social networks make it oh-so-easy to tell your friends about YouPublish. Here’s what to do (using Facebook as an example):
  1. Log in to your Facebook account… Or create one, it’s FREE!
  2. Search the term YouPublish
  3. Find our Page
  4. Become a Fan
  5. Copy and past your Referral Link on your wall…
Check out my creations at
Now, everyone in your network sees you became a fan of YouPublish and you wrote on your wall. In about 30-seconds, you automatically sent two e-mails to all of your friends about YouPublish.
Follow up tomorrow with an e-mail to your referrals and watch your referrals add up!
Log in to your YouPublish account, click Mine, then My Sales and see your number of referrals go up and up and up!

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