Friday, July 4, 2008

Spread the Light

Visit the profile for Ana Garcia at YouPublish
Ana Garcia is raising her daughter, Itsaso, a very spiritually advanced “Star child,” in South Africa. Star children are born to bring peace, love and harmony to the next generation, and Itsaso is already teaching Ana valuable lessons shared in Ana’s books: Conception and Pregnancy: Allowing and Aligning with Life, and coming soon Advanced Healing: Energy Discussions for Leading Lightworkers.
Ana is YouPublishing with a message of hope. She wants to spread the light of Star children, and help others raise all children with the care and consciousness needed for them to truly shine and do the work they are here to do. Ana hopes to support the changes we all need to make to heal the planet and fulfill our potential.
To market her YouPublish page, Ana uses her Public Profile link everywhere she can:
  • At the bottom of emails as part of her signature
  • In her bios on her website and Facebook account
  • In her articles
  • Anywhere her contact information is listed
  • In her e-books
Ana has prepared her YouPublish page to receive visitors by:
  • Uploading her photo
  • Writing a compelling Profile Description
  • Using her Public Profile Link and Display Name to showcase her name
  • Published quality products complete with Cover Images, Samples and detailed Descriptions
Check out Ana’s page and be inspired to fulfill your potential at
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