Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Victorious Living

Visit the profile for Yvonne Chamberlin at YouPublish
Yvonne Chamberlain is living proof of the power of thought… Given 6 weeks to live she cured herself of black melanoma cancer and now shares her lessons not just for people who have a sickness, but for everyone who wants victorious living!
She published Why Me? Kicking Cancer and Other Life Changing Stuff after 28 years of telling her success story and being prodded by so many to write it… She awoke one morning with divine inspiration, wrote it all down, publisher doors opened, and the rest is history.
She sees YouPublish as an incredible opportunity to raise awareness, encourage responsibility, and impact positive change. Her principles touch on self-esteem, relationships, leadership, health, life change and more.
To see how her cancer can make YOU a better leader, check out her free article What Really is Leadership?
She uses YouPublish to promote her speaking and consulting business, website, and print book.
Her successful use of YouPublish includes all the right stuff:
  • Branded profile link
  • Attractive profile photo
  • Personalized display name
  • Compelling profile description, including: a great story, calls for action, a  link to her website, and e-mail for direct access.
  • Compelling Products, including cover art, free products, great titles, and irresistible product descriptions.
Don’t waste a minute—Check out Yvonne’s page now youpublish.com/born4abundance.
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