Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boxcar Millionaire

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Tom Black lived with his family in a railroad boxcar that was set off the tracks and divided into two bedrooms and one tiny living space. He never realized he was poor until, in the seventh grade, kids at school made fun of his clothing. This was a turning point for Tom. He decided that he would never be poor again and wanted a better life.
Tom’s story is the quintessential “rags to riches” tale, a narrative that embodies the American Dream. Now it’s his turn to pass it along, to share his training methods and proven business models with you in his book, The Boxcar Millionaire.
By using YouPublish, Tom is making his system for selling affordable and usable for the world. The Boxcar Millionaire is available in e-book format exclusively at YouPublish. He is directing audiences to YouPublish using e-mail, newsletters, and his website.
Check out Tom Black’s works to achieve genuine sales success, find your turning point, and sell more than you ever thought was possible, at youpublish.com/tomblackcenterforselling.
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