Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Editor’s Picks

Learn more about Paper, Scissors, Death at YouPublish
Intriguing Creation
Sneak Preview of Paper, Scissors, Death: Scenes and Extras from the First Kiki Lowenstein Scrapbooking Mystery
By Joanna Campbell Slan
A fantastic marketing piece and use of YouPublish to promote Slan and her print book, Paper, Scissors, Death.
Sneak Preview delivers impressive testimonials from mystery critics, three engaging chapters to hook ya, scrapbooking how-to’s, yummy recipes for treats shared at “crops” (scrapbooker get-togethers), a discount coupon for anyone overwhelmed by the concept of scrapbooking… even charity plugs related to the story. Slan’s got something for everyone packed into this Sneak Preview.
Check out her works at youpublish.com/joannaslan.
Florida Bird Series at YouPublish
Eye-catching Cover Art
Captain: Florida Bird Series
By Images by Patrick
Check out his works at youpublish.com/otmbooks.
Learn more about What If at YouPublish
Compelling Title
What if… Two Simple Words, Ten Powerful Questions, One Great Life
By Corrie Woods
Check out her works at youpublish.com/corriewoods.

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