Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Files and People… Activity Gets Noticed

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By now, you’ve been with YouPublish at least a month, so your profile photo no longer shows on the YouPublish homepage… what to do? Publish a file and keep publishing to keep your works showing on the home page. A file a day keeps your products displayed.

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Drive traffic to your profile page and products so your profile photo and cover art show on the home page. Use your referral link everywhere!
E-mail signature, referral e-mails, website, blog, newsletters, articles, products, comments, social networking sites… Include:
youpublish.com/referredby/Your Personalized YouPublish Link
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Comment on other creators works and sign with your YouPublish link to make it easy for creators to comment on your works as well.
Comments have the added benefit of increasing views too, as a commentator views a product page and/or profile page prior to commenting.
Pay it Forward and Return Kindness
Start the process, make a comment today at YouPublish. And when someone takes the time to comment on your work, check out their YouPublish page and products, and write a comment… Build community, create fans.

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