Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Google Ad Placement Targeting

Have you visited websites where you wish you could advertise to drive traffic to your works? Now it’s possible and affordable.
Google offers a new tool where you can create your ad and specify the websites where you want it to appear—If those websites are within the Google network, which most are.
Your ad can receive millions of views and you only pay for clicks on your ad—Saving you thousands of dollars!
To increase your clickthrough rate and spend less money, you can further target those websites with a list of keywords, so within those sites your ad only appears on pages that include your keywords.
You will have complete control over your ads and how much you’d like to spend. You can open an account with a credit card with no minimum deposit required.
Once you place your ad, it can begin running almost immediately. You can easily track your ad’s response rate and make adjustments instantly.
For further information, visit Google AdWords: http://adwords.google.com.

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