Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Got Journals? Got Poems? Got Content!

Visit the profile for Tharwat Fahoum Lovett at YouPublish
Tharwat Fahoum Lovett published poems she wrote as a teenager. Now 12 year older and a mother, she shares her developmental journey through confusion to individual realization—experiences that the world can relate to, benefit from, and above all be ignited by.
Any artists, teen, or adult who survived their teenage years, can connect with Lovett’s journey.
Creating was the outlet to make sense of confusing and sometimes exhilarating emotions, questions, and “mis-fit between how I felt and the supposed grain of status quo.”
Sound familiar?
What can you share for the world to relate to, benefit from, and be ignited by? What content do you already have that you may have forgotten about until now?
Writers, musicians, speakers, experts, philosophers… The world wants to connect with what YOU know, in your way.
Check out A Diary of Realizations: Snapshots from Collectivus Praestigium to be ignited to delve deeper, and share your forgotten content with the world.
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