Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Killer Titles Boost Your Search Results

Grab Attention Then Explain
Look at titles with your heart. Look at subtitles with your head.
Titles cause the mind to open, pay attention, be perturbed, commanded, demanded, realize something, have an epiphany.
Subtitles elaborate on the title, clarify what’s inside the product, and are the perfect place to use keywords that will boost your search results.
A killer title includes a subtitle to inspire and compel entry into a story, theme, or plot. It  often answers a question or solves a problem.
Decide if your title is a How-to, Promise, Common Phrase, or Abstract Idea.
Check out this week’s Editor’s Pick for Best Title… Full Body Orgasm Your Energy to Love, Health, Wealth, and Happiness. This title grabs your attention, then the subtitle explains.
Without the subtitle, the search topics would be dramatically reduced… most likely to only one word, “body.” While the subtitle hits on five more words likely to be searched: energy, love, health, wealth, happiness. That increases search results by 500%!!!
Use subtitles in all your products and create titles that get you noticed!

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