Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Love Never Dies

Visit the profile for Rev. Dr. Aliah Majon at YouPublish
Like so many YouPublish creators, Rev. Dr. Aliah MaJon navigates the process of print publishing, looking for a literary agent, and building her brand. All the while leveraging YouPublish for instant distribution to her target market… YOU, who will appreciate what she has to say!
Her new e-book From Grief… To Growth, doesn’t have to wait for print.
Offered easily and effectively through YouPublish, she introduces her enlightened approach to bereavement to help heal those grieving around the world… Now.
On July 2, 1994, Aliah received the awful call that her only child, Sean, had committed suicide. The baby boy she had given birth to only 24 short years before was suddenly gone from her life forever. For a parent, there is no news that can leave you more devastated than the reality of your child’s death… Yet, she was blessed to have a different experience, one that was full of miracles and learning!
What Happened? Check out From Grief… To Growth for miraculous lessons and proof that love never dies.
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