Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Piece, Many Products

Do More with Less and Give Buyers Choices
Whether you’re a prolific content creator or someone with just a few creations, you can create more products on YouPublish by:
  • Uploading ANY file type
  • Publishing combinations of files
  • Offering several products for sale and for free
Publishing each piece of content in multiple forms and combinations creates more products and choices for your buyers.
Create an audio-book from your e-book and buyers can listen to your e-book on an iPod.
Create an article teaser to your e-book as a free product. See this week’s Most Intriguing Creation for ideas.
Say you have an e-book, an audio-recording of your e-book, and an article… Those 3 files can easily be published as 7 products on YouPublish:
3, 1-file products (1 e-book, 1 audio book, 1 article)
3, 2-file products (e-book+audio book, e-book+article, audio book+article)
1, 3-file product (e-book+audio book+article)
Plus, more products means you appear more in search results… When you create effective Product Descriptions including search words that people may use to find your products.

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