Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spectacular Views Everywhere You Look

Eye-popping upgrades make it even easier to find compelling files and people, view creations instantly, and build your fan base.
Cover art and profile photos now show in Files and  People browses, search results, and in each creators’ Publications list… making them all the more compelling.
You’ll also see stars—Ratings give you another way to give and receive feedback, and get noticed.
Getting noticed is key—Especially now that you can now get and buy products right from Files search and browse lists, as well as each creators’ Publications list!
Click on any file and it may be instantly opened —No download, no log-in. Free publications can now be viewed without logging in—Great for bringing in new fans. You can still choose to download files to your computer for offline enjoyment, and save in My Library for unlimited access.
Every page has upgrades… Visit YouPublish now and see for yourself.

Invite… Click & Track at a Glance

Now that YouPublish is giving you Invite, an automated system to market your creations—All you have to do is bring your e-mail addresses!
Simply enter e-mail addresses and we’ll send Invite e-mails linking back to your profile.
Monitor your Invite list at a glance—Status will show Invite Pending, Accepted, or Already a Member.
Send a Reminder Invite with two quick clicks.
Of course your Invites will be tracked and counted as your Referrals, paying you commissions when they sell creations on YouPublish.
Get your contact list and start inviting today at youpublish.com/mine/myinvitations.
It’s also a good idea to get your Profile ready for visitors—Make sure you have a photo and profile description to greet your Invites.

Editor’s Picks

Intriguing Creation
Joey Learns to Save!
By AAA Fair Credit Foundation
This coloring book for kids teaches the principles of earning and saving money as well as making wise spending decisions. Re-print and color again and again to reinforce learning.
Check out their works at youpublish.com/faircredit.

Eye-Catching Cover Art
Outta My Mind
By Seven Car Pileup
Check out their works that look great and sound even better at youpublish.com/sevencarpileup!

Compelling Title
Right Food, Right You: A Story of Weight Loss Success After Years of Yo-Yo Dieting
By Kathy Scheiern
Check out her works at youpublish.com/kathyscheiern.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Site Offline for Important Updates

We seem to roll-out major updates about once a quarter around here. And, well, it’s that time again… wish us luck as we go through the stressful/exciting/perplexing/crazy process of updating the whole site with all the bug fixes, improvements, and new features we’ve been working on since February.
See you again in a few hours!


At 06:00 GMT — a little over 12 minutes ago — we brought youpublish.com back online. Of course, this is where the fun really begins.
We’ll discuss our new features in the next day or so, but the biggest feature — and the one that we’re most excited about — is our new file player!
Now, files meeting certain basic criteria can be played right in the browser — music, videos, documents. But for them to work in the player, they have to be duplicated (we always keep the original file for downloading) and the new file converted to a Flash-compatible file format. And we’ve got several thousand files to duplicate and then convert. So don’t be disappointed if the playable file you’ve got your heart set on viewing/hearing/watching is sporting a “file converting… please download” notice.
In the mean time, check out the site — and let us know what you think!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It’s that Time Again!

A boat at full-power.
On Wednesday, September 17th, starting at 23:00 (11pm) GMT, we’ll be taking youpublish.com offline while we roll-out a boatload of updates, bug fixes, improvements, and new features. We’re expecting to be offline for several hours. But you know how these things go. When we’re live again, we’ll update the blog.
We can’t wait to hear your feedback — you’re our inspiration!
NB… You can translate GMT time into your own timezone here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Connecting Creators & Fans

One of the unique benefits of YouPublish is the ability for creators and fans to connect and interact.The Comments feature is allowing creators and fans to give and receive feedback for inspiration and product improvements, creators gain testimonials, fans ask questions and get answers, fans share how a creator’s work impacts their audience, and much more. These interactions build relationships and customer loyalty.
Publications with the most Comments get featured on the YouPublish home page, and coming soon… The YouPublish Ratings feature will allow fans to rate products, and high-ranking publications will be featured on the home page as well. One more way to get your products noticed—Get Rankings!
3 Easy Ways to Get Rankings & Comments
Start by Ranking and Commenting on other creators’ works—It’s unspoken creator code of conduct to return the gesture, so you’ll get Comments in return.
  1. Start by Ranking and Commenting on other creators’ works—It’s unspoken creator code of conduct to return the gesture, so you’ll get Comments in return.
  2. When you refer others to YouPublish ask them to leave comments and rank your works.
  3. Include a “please comment” note in your Profile Description.
Log into YouPublish now and add this line to your Profile Description:
Thanks for visiting—Please be sure to write a comment… I look forward to connecting with you!
Then check out some of the wonderful creations available on YouPublish and write a comment—You’ll be glad you did!

Editor’s Picks

Learn more about  Smile! at YouPublish

Intriguing Creation
By Michio Hitomi
With Credits Kazenomichi
YouPublish is the only website where you can upload any file type, and find flash animation among e-books, audio, videos, presentations, software, spreadsheets, photos, and much more!
This intriguing flash creation was just what I needed to lift my mood in the midst of a busy day.
Check it out and Smile!
Learn more about Reflections in a Park Bench at YouPublish
Eye-Catching Cover Art
Reflections in a Park Bench
By Kandis Glasgow
Check out her works at youpublish.com/kandisglasgow.

Learn more about 10 Minute Tidy at YouPublish
Compelling Title
The 10 Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly
By Shannon McGinnis
Check out her works at youpublish.com/shannonmcginnis.

Submit Your Story for FREE Traffic

Creators featured in the YouPublish News Blast, and home page get visitors, downloads, and buys.Submit your answers to the following points via e-mail to Support@YouPublish.com:
  1. Tell us your compelling story about the works you are publishing on YouPublish
  2. Your purpose for publishing and what you hope to accomplish by using YouPublish
  3. Your strategy for marketing and using YouPublish
  4. Anything else that makes your YouPublish story interesting
  5. YouPublish user name and company if applicable
  6. YouPublish URL
  7. Photo of yourself or Company Logo
  8. Bio or Company Profile

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Expert Advice to Save Thousands

Visit the profile for Dr. Doug Kenney at YouPublish

Dr. Doug Kenney
is a veterinarian offering expert insights to alleviate the unnecessary physical suffering of pets and financial suffering of pet owners. The e-book, The Wise Pet Owner, contains advice that can save pet owners thousands of dollars because so many pet problems are preventable but expensive to treat, and result in a seriously ill pet and unfortunately sometimes the death of the pet.
The fact the YouPublish allows Dr. Kenney to publish his e-book exactly as he created it, means he can include live links to all the company websites and reviews on each company to aid pet owners during their research. It also allows readers to print out tables that can be filled out as they are doing their research to summarize their findings and help them narrow down their choice of companies and then select the best policy for their pet.

Dr. Kenney promotes his e-book to existing clients and soon on his hospital website. One pet insurance company has asked to feature his book in their newsletter, and he is networking with other veterinarians to promote The Wise Pet Owner to their clients.
Publishing this valuable information provides added value to clients, peers and pets, and boosts Dr. Kenney’s credibility and expertise. Any pet owner would agree, there is great value in knowing your vet is doing right by your pet AND trying to save you thousands.
We want to hear your success stories! Tell us how you’re making the most of YouPublish—and how YouPublish is making a difference for you. The most inspiring will be featured in our newsletter, on the blog, and elsewhere. Take a moment and drop us a line at success@youpublish.com.

What is YouPublish?

YouPublish is a one-stop self-publishing website where you can upload any digital creation, find high-quality content, and connect with creators and fans.
It is the ONLY website where you can :
  • *Self-publish all media types in one place… Upload unlimited e-books, music, videos, photos, spreadsheets, CG files, seminar packages, software, lesson plans, corporate documents, and much more!
  • *Package multiple files in a single product.
  • *Split sales proceeds among multiple creators on a single product.
  • *Sell or offer works for free in one place.
  • *And connect with creators and fans to build communities around content using comments and other social networking features coming soon.
YouPublish is not like a typical online publishing company—we deal only with digital files. This means there will be no physical product delivered. All products are available in your YouPublish store for immediate download to your customer’s YouPublish library to be enjoyed on-line or off.
YouPublish makes self-publishing fast, easy, and free. The way you create and save the file on your computer is the way your customer will see and download it (i.e. if you create a poem and save it in Word, your customer will download it as a Word doc). No special formatting is required to publish your works to YouPublish—saving you valuable time and frustration.
All copy and publishing rights are retained by the owner when their works are uploaded to YouPublish.
In addition to a 50/50 sales split with creators, YouPublish encourages users to invite friends with a two year 7.5% referral commission. Referrals are tracked using your referral link:
youpublish.com/referredby/your personalized YouPublish link
YouPublish is poised to shift the current paradigm of online publishing and allow users worldwide to freely share their ideas and creations instantly and effortlessly.
YouPublish: Publish, Find, Talk about… Whatever!

Your 5-pronged Hook

What are 5 benefits your customer will get from you and your products?
Answers to this powerful question can help you better market yourself and your products. Use your answers to craft ads, titles, and product descriptions for your creations that will hook your prospects.
Quick example:
My products are nutrition, running tips, and tracking sheets for new runners.
My 5 benefits are:
  1. How to go from coach potato to marathoner in 16 weeks
  2. Double your distance in 1 minute—Walks
  3. Double your endurance in 1 minute—Sprints
  4. Avoid injuries—Don’t stretch
  5. Save time and eliminate excuses—Just do 20 minutes
Focusing a message down to 5 distinct benefits enhances your ability to market more effectively about your products and benefits.
It even sparks ideas for titles and new products!

Editor’s Picks

Visit the profile for Thomas John Taylor at YouPublish

Intriguing Creator
Thomas John Taylor
Thomas John Taylor is an oil-painter, poet, musician, and singer, who “writes for the fun of it.” His products currently include short stories with rich cover art. His profile showcases an extraordinary event “Art Show from the Lava Flow” you’ll want to check out. We look forward to products from this art show and more from this exciting creator!
Check out his works and visit often for more to come at youpublish.com/thomasjohntaylor.

Learn more about Betrayal, Deceit, Lies and Friendship at YouPublish
Eye-Catching Cover Art
Betrayal, Deceit, Lies and Friendship
By Deleshia Lee

Check out her works at youpublish.com/deleshialee.

Learn more about How to Change the World Even When I Have Bills to Pay at YouPublish
Compelling Title
How to Change the World Even When I Have Bills to Pay: An awesome hand-guide with 111 simple, yet profound ways that you may begin making a positive difference in the World!
By Brad Morris of “The GratiDudes”

Check out his works at youpublish.com/bradmorris.

Coming Soon…

The YouPublish development team has been busy.  We are currently working on the next release of YouPublish, and we must say, the changes are HUGE!  Official launch dates are not being released to the public yet, but we can say that they are coming soon.  Major changes are being made to the interface including the way the user experiences publications on the site.  Our goals have been to make the site more “sticky” and to give the user an experience that will keep bringing them back for more.  Just about every corner of the site is being worked on, so get ready for things to be radically different.  We’ve flexed all of our development and design muscle on this one, and we’re getting excited to show you the fruits of all the labor.  Stay tuned…it’s coming soon.