Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Expert Advice to Save Thousands

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Dr. Doug Kenney
is a veterinarian offering expert insights to alleviate the unnecessary physical suffering of pets and financial suffering of pet owners. The e-book, The Wise Pet Owner, contains advice that can save pet owners thousands of dollars because so many pet problems are preventable but expensive to treat, and result in a seriously ill pet and unfortunately sometimes the death of the pet.
The fact the YouPublish allows Dr. Kenney to publish his e-book exactly as he created it, means he can include live links to all the company websites and reviews on each company to aid pet owners during their research. It also allows readers to print out tables that can be filled out as they are doing their research to summarize their findings and help them narrow down their choice of companies and then select the best policy for their pet.

Dr. Kenney promotes his e-book to existing clients and soon on his hospital website. One pet insurance company has asked to feature his book in their newsletter, and he is networking with other veterinarians to promote The Wise Pet Owner to their clients.
Publishing this valuable information provides added value to clients, peers and pets, and boosts Dr. Kenney’s credibility and expertise. Any pet owner would agree, there is great value in knowing your vet is doing right by your pet AND trying to save you thousands.
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