Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spectacular Views Everywhere You Look

Eye-popping upgrades make it even easier to find compelling files and people, view creations instantly, and build your fan base.
Cover art and profile photos now show in Files and  People browses, search results, and in each creators’ Publications list… making them all the more compelling.
You’ll also see stars—Ratings give you another way to give and receive feedback, and get noticed.
Getting noticed is key—Especially now that you can now get and buy products right from Files search and browse lists, as well as each creators’ Publications list!
Click on any file and it may be instantly opened —No download, no log-in. Free publications can now be viewed without logging in—Great for bringing in new fans. You can still choose to download files to your computer for offline enjoyment, and save in My Library for unlimited access.
Every page has upgrades… Visit YouPublish now and see for yourself.

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