Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What is YouPublish?

YouPublish is a one-stop self-publishing website where you can upload any digital creation, find high-quality content, and connect with creators and fans.
It is the ONLY website where you can :
  • *Self-publish all media types in one place… Upload unlimited e-books, music, videos, photos, spreadsheets, CG files, seminar packages, software, lesson plans, corporate documents, and much more!
  • *Package multiple files in a single product.
  • *Split sales proceeds among multiple creators on a single product.
  • *Sell or offer works for free in one place.
  • *And connect with creators and fans to build communities around content using comments and other social networking features coming soon.
YouPublish is not like a typical online publishing company—we deal only with digital files. This means there will be no physical product delivered. All products are available in your YouPublish store for immediate download to your customer’s YouPublish library to be enjoyed on-line or off.
YouPublish makes self-publishing fast, easy, and free. The way you create and save the file on your computer is the way your customer will see and download it (i.e. if you create a poem and save it in Word, your customer will download it as a Word doc). No special formatting is required to publish your works to YouPublish—saving you valuable time and frustration.
All copy and publishing rights are retained by the owner when their works are uploaded to YouPublish.
In addition to a 50/50 sales split with creators, YouPublish encourages users to invite friends with a two year 7.5% referral commission. Referrals are tracked using your referral link:
youpublish.com/referredby/your personalized YouPublish link
YouPublish is poised to shift the current paradigm of online publishing and allow users worldwide to freely share their ideas and creations instantly and effortlessly.
YouPublish: Publish, Find, Talk about… Whatever!

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