Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your 5-pronged Hook

What are 5 benefits your customer will get from you and your products?
Answers to this powerful question can help you better market yourself and your products. Use your answers to craft ads, titles, and product descriptions for your creations that will hook your prospects.
Quick example:
My products are nutrition, running tips, and tracking sheets for new runners.
My 5 benefits are:
  1. How to go from coach potato to marathoner in 16 weeks
  2. Double your distance in 1 minute—Walks
  3. Double your endurance in 1 minute—Sprints
  4. Avoid injuries—Don’t stretch
  5. Save time and eliminate excuses—Just do 20 minutes
Focusing a message down to 5 distinct benefits enhances your ability to market more effectively about your products and benefits.
It even sparks ideas for titles and new products!

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