Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Editor’s Picks

Intriguing Creation
Diary of an English Cad: Life and Times of an English Billionaire
By English Cad
A book ahead of its time helping solve problems ranging from global warming to selling on-line, to relationships, and more. Book reviews include:
“Buy the book it will change the way you look at life for ever.” Nelson Mandela
“I wish I had read this before invading Iraq.” George W Bush
“My dear friend Cad has helped me over come my relationship problems with this book.” George Clooney
“OK so I got it wrong.” Al Gore
All proceeds go to charity. Check out his works at youpublish.com/englishcad.

Eye-Catching Cover Art
Cosmic Cream Pie: Poetry and Prose for the Rabidly Conscious
By Aurora Seaton-Clawson
Check out her works at youpublish.com/auroraseatonclawson.

Compelling Title
From No One to Someone Great! From Immigrant Housemaid to Harvard Ph.D.
By Suh Jin Kyu Robertson
Check out her works at youpublish.com/suhjinkyurobertson.

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