Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hands-down the Best

Personal recommendations are hands-down the best marketing a product can get.
Now that YouPublish is providing easy ways to recommend products — Use Comments and Ratings to get powerful personal recommendations. Who do you know who’d recommend your products? Jot down a quick list of 10 people. Invite these people to YouPublish if you haven’t already. Be sure to include a personal message in your Invite…
Check out my publications and please be sure to Rate and Comment—Many thanks!
YouPublish is a community—Who referred you to YouPublish? Who have you referred? Have you commented on and rated each others works? Log in now and give them the personal recommendations they deserve—Pay it forward and you’ll get yours…
Remember… When your referrals sell creations on YouPublish, you receive commissions—So start recommending their products and getting paid on sales. If your referrals haven’t published yet, e-mail or call them and ask them to Rate and Comment on your works—Inspire them!
When you do receive Comments on YouPublish, you will be notified via e-mail linking directly to the Comment, so you’ll get to see it right away—Then write a comment on that creator’s profile if you choose.
E-mail, call, rate, and comment on 10 people today to gain recommendations for your products.

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