Tuesday, October 14, 2008

YouPublishing Keeps Getting Better!

If you haven’t published a file since the upgrade release you’ve got to check it out—So fast and easy!
In just a few quick steps on one short screen your files are published and shared with the world:
  1. Upload a file or several in a publication
  2. NEW!—Rearrange the order of files
  3. Title and subtitle
  4. Write a description
  5. Upload a product image
  6. Set your price or offer for free
Optional—Upload a sample file on paid products
More Details (Optional—appear when you click the + sign):
  1. Copyright
  2. Credit to co-creators
  3. Split sales proceeds on paid products
YouPublish is the fastest, easiest way to self-publish on the web—and keeps getting better! Visit YouPublish now and publish a file.

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