Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Corrie Woods

As a women’s life coach, author, and speaker Corrie Woods is passionate about helping others. Her message to women everywhere: To nurture great relationships, experience great health, do great work in the world and know great joy – it all begins with taking great care of you! She shares this message through her coaching, her writing, her website and now through YouPublish!
Check out her profile page and you will be able to download a free copy of her award-winning book, The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living, download other free ebooks, watch a video testimonial from Mark Victor Hansen, and download a free Resource Guide featuring products and services from Exceptional Women.
YouPublish provides an incredible platform for Corrie to reach more people. She promotes YouPublish frequently in her blog, her newsletters and in the media. Check out all her works out at:

Marketing Simplicism and Consistency

Many times when thinking of marketing, a few dozen ideas evolve and we tirelessly endeavor to accomplish them all. Trying everything possible to promote yourself or your business is never really a bad thing, but may often lead to little time and effort put into each tactic; which of course leads to a lack of quality in your marketing works, generally leading to no one coming to see what you, your business or products are all about. Big budget companies have the ability to focus on 12 separate marketing tactics, because they can afford to hire 12 different teams to carry out each individual focus. More than likely you are in charge of marketing yourself and/or your business. It’d be nice to have a team of college-aged cronies to do your bidding, but that’s just not how things are… at least not yet.
What you can do, and should do, is decide two or three things that will best promote yourself and/or business. These marketing tactics should complement you, e.g. your strengths, likes, experience etc. Don’t decide to do more public speaking if you’re generally scared to do so.
Once you have decided which tactics to take on, step one is complete. The most important part, however is this: consistency. Let me say that again, bold it, and underline it, capitalize it and reemphasize it: CONSISTENCY!
Why is consistency so important? Well, it’s all about focus. Once you decide to continually do something, again and again, people are incredibly more likely to take notice of your marketing. Doing a marketing tactic once and never doing so again, will nearly always end up just disappearing into the void of advertising noise that already exists.
If something works, keep doing it. Keep doing it until it stops working. It doesn’t have to be the flashiest or prettiest, it just has to be done continuously, so that it will break through the clutter and into your customer’s brain. Whether you need to participate in blogs, go to networking conferences or just pass out business cards, do it like you mean it, and do it on a consistent basis.
If you’d like to a good read on focus, check out what Mark Victor Hansen, Roice Krueger, and James Skinner wrote in their book, Focus: The Only Challenge in Business:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Featured

Have you ever wondered how others find their picture or publications listed on the homepage?  Today you’re going to discover how to be in the spotlight as well. First, it may be useful to understand how YouPublish organizes these featured files.  You’ll notice that there are two categories: “Browse Files” and “Browse People.”  Each category contains 16 items that can be scrolled through by pressing the arrow buttons to either side.
Still stumped why your publication is not showing in “Most Recent?”  You may want to ask yourself two questions: Did I upload cover art?  And when did I publish my file(s)? If your answer to the former is no, then you will need to do upload cover art immediately! Be aware that your publication will only show in Most Recent until newer publications have taken its place.
Creators are uploading new works everyday and new creators are signing up every day, so “Most Recent” files and people slots move quickly.
It can be very advantageous to utilize the “Most Viewed,” “Most Publications,” and “Most Discussed” feature spots. Promoting yourself and your products will lead to more view, and potentially more discussions on your individual pages.
One of the best ways to promote yourself is by promoting others. Be active on YouPublish, make comments on your fellow creators’ pages, and of course, find, download and/or buy creations on the site that you like. This way, people will know you’re out there, and will want to come see what you and your creations are all about.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Products are products, but what makes someone buy one product, when there are plenty more like it?
Imagine, if you will, a field of grass, with a single tree in the middle of it. What do you think your eye will be drawn to? The tree of course, but why? Because it’s different.
As Marty Neumeier, writer wrote in his book The Brand Gap, “Our brains are hardwired to notice what’s different.
What does this have to do with you? Well, you definitely want your products to sell, and to best achieve this, you’ll need your products to stand out in the crowd.
One of the best ways to do this is to develop your professional brand image. A brand is essentially how the world sees you and/or your creations. Public perception of your brand though, starts with you.
Neumeier puts the following questions before us to help us define what our brands are all about: 1. Who are you?
2. What do you do?
3. Why does it matter?
The first two questions are generally easy. A writer may respond to the first question, “I am a writer”, and “I write stories about college life,” to the second. But the third question is the stymie.
Why does your brand matter? What makes you so special? These are not questions to bring you down, but to make you think and to figure out what exactly makes you special and unique. It may take a day, a week, or more to answer the last question. But, once you do you will find yourself in a position to mold your brand into an effective one.
Once customers see your products and creations in this new branded light, they’ll find your products irresistible.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Customize Your Order

Have you ever been frustrated that your multi-file product doesn’t display the files in a particular order? Our fantastic development team has solved this dilemma! (Good thing you’re on their minds all day.)
When publishing a multi-file product, or adding files to a publication, you may have noticed the up and down arrows to the right of each file name added. Simply clicking the arrow reorders the position of the files to the desired position, then POOF… your files are reordered!
To use this feature on a currently published product, log in and go to My Publications in the Mine section (youpublish.com/mine/mypublications). Press Edit Publication next to the appropriate product, wait for the entire page to load, then reorder your creations to your heart’s content.
You can see the fruits of your labor by visiting your product page.  You’ll see the list of “included files” on the right has been rearranged.

Creating a Free-For-All

You have created a great product…Awesome. You deem it a certain monetary value and set a price for it…Great. But how can you best utilize this creation to bring in more customers?
One obvious way is to make sure all your products have a product image associated with them. What else can be done for promotion sake?
While most free products on YouPublish can be viewed almost instantly in our site’s in-line viewer, products that cost money do not.
The remedy for this situation is to create a sample file of your product to be offered for free. Whether it’s the first first chapter of your book, or the first 30 seconds of a song or video, creating a sample file can show users what your product is all about and leave them wanting more.
Figure out a reasonable morsel of your product that will give potential customers a good taste, and create it as it’s own separate file (YouPublish recommends 10% of the total file). Then upload it in the same product file as its longer version.
Along this same vein of creating sample files, giving away a few files for free can draw in more individuals to becoming repeat customers.
Both sample files and free files are aimed at turning individuals into customers, and keep them coming back time and time again.

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