Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Creating a Free-For-All

You have created a great product…Awesome. You deem it a certain monetary value and set a price for it…Great. But how can you best utilize this creation to bring in more customers?
One obvious way is to make sure all your products have a product image associated with them. What else can be done for promotion sake?
While most free products on YouPublish can be viewed almost instantly in our site’s in-line viewer, products that cost money do not.
The remedy for this situation is to create a sample file of your product to be offered for free. Whether it’s the first first chapter of your book, or the first 30 seconds of a song or video, creating a sample file can show users what your product is all about and leave them wanting more.
Figure out a reasonable morsel of your product that will give potential customers a good taste, and create it as it’s own separate file (YouPublish recommends 10% of the total file). Then upload it in the same product file as its longer version.
Along this same vein of creating sample files, giving away a few files for free can draw in more individuals to becoming repeat customers.
Both sample files and free files are aimed at turning individuals into customers, and keep them coming back time and time again.

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