Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Featured

Have you ever wondered how others find their picture or publications listed on the homepage?  Today you’re going to discover how to be in the spotlight as well. First, it may be useful to understand how YouPublish organizes these featured files.  You’ll notice that there are two categories: “Browse Files” and “Browse People.”  Each category contains 16 items that can be scrolled through by pressing the arrow buttons to either side.
Still stumped why your publication is not showing in “Most Recent?”  You may want to ask yourself two questions: Did I upload cover art?  And when did I publish my file(s)? If your answer to the former is no, then you will need to do upload cover art immediately! Be aware that your publication will only show in Most Recent until newer publications have taken its place.
Creators are uploading new works everyday and new creators are signing up every day, so “Most Recent” files and people slots move quickly.
It can be very advantageous to utilize the “Most Viewed,” “Most Publications,” and “Most Discussed” feature spots. Promoting yourself and your products will lead to more view, and potentially more discussions on your individual pages.
One of the best ways to promote yourself is by promoting others. Be active on YouPublish, make comments on your fellow creators’ pages, and of course, find, download and/or buy creations on the site that you like. This way, people will know you’re out there, and will want to come see what you and your creations are all about.

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