Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Editing a Published File

So, you’ve published a file!  As you’re checking out your newly-published product (we all know you do it) and basking in it’s glory, you notice something horrific. Whether it be a typo, a missing/misplaced file, or an incorrect title –  no worries; YouPublish has you covered. To make edits to your published file, go to “My Publications” and press the “Edit Publication” button. (Don’t panic… wait for the entire page to load and all your information will appear.) From here you can change your product information, description, price and so forth.  You can reorder your files by pressing the arrows or add/remove files by pressing the appropriate link.
As you take the exhilarating trip of editing, please keep your customer in mind.  It might be a huge disappointment for someone to return to purchase your product and be disappointed that it has changed.  For major changes you may want to consider starting a new publication.
Keep on publishing, and don’t worry about mistakes, we got you covered.

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