Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Getting the Best of Emotion

Consumers are an interesting bunch. Most of them like to think, myself included, that each and every purchase decision is based on rationale, thought, research, etc. Consumers like to believe that they are in control of their buying habits, and they are, but only to a certain extent.
Real consumer thinking occurs when buying large ticket items, such as cars, major appliances and other high-involvement products. Of note of course are the hundreds of products consumers buy that do not fall into this category, which are items like snacks, drinks, tickets and of course, any digital product that can be purchased through YouPublish.  These items are often referred to as low-involvement.
Low-involvement items are purchased on an emotional basis, which is to say, they are bought without too much thought. People buy such items in two ways: they either see the product and immediately buy, or they see the product, feel good about it and then buy.
The key for proprietors of digital content, like all of us reading or creating this news blast, is to create content that others will instantly want. An important part of this, as has been mentioned before, is to do the little things like having intriguing cover art, having a catchy title, and of course giving a free sample (it is the Holidays after all, why not give some of your genius to everyone?).
When your product is done, and uploaded onto YouPublish, try and take a step out of your shoes, and view your product like a consumer would view it. What things about your page and/or products do you notice first? What could be improved? And, what is appealing about your products? Take note, fix the gaps, and your content as well as sales will definitely improve.

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