Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Less FLASH-y Publishing

By now we’re sure you’ve noticed that we’ve made some changes to the YouPublish website. One of our latest updates has made publishing your works even easier! Who knew? Have you ever had trouble uploading files? We felt your pain, heard your requests and made a great modification: instead of requiring users to update to Flash 10, the development team has provided an Alternative File Uploader.  This new uploader works without Flash and is perfect if you’ve ever run into Error #2038.
Give the Alternative File Uploader a try today! Log into your account, press “Publish Now!” then press the blue link that reads “Try the Alternative File Uploader.” You’ll find it is simple, and probably a bit similar to the way you’ve attached documents to emails or uploaded other files in the past. (Go ahead Internet Explorer 6 users, it even works for you!)
When uploading cover art or a profile photo, you’ll also notice another exciting change… we now accept .PNG files as well as .JPG files!

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