Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Strategic Segmenting

Hopefully, in your mind,  this news blast hasn’t droned on too much about segmenting. We really want you to succeed, and figuring out a segment of the population and finding your target market is crucial. Sometimes it happens that one may not know how to segment the population into groups that will be interested in its products. Today we are going to give you two strategies for doing so.
The first strategy is called self-selection, which essentially is motivating prospects to identify themselves as being interested in your creations. What you need to do in this strategy is to create a response mechanism for you potential clients to check out your YouPublish page.
One of the easiest and most effective ways of doing so is by offering free products to said segments. This can be accomplished through emailing your referral link, your YouPublish page link, blogging or even a quick note on Facebook.
The second strategy is called permission marketing. It is what it sounds like; getting the customers’ permission to contact them. This is effective because it gains your segments trust, by allowing them to be involved in who contacts them, instead of being bombarded by a flurry of advertising messaging. This can be done by any sort of offer or incentive. It’s your segment to figure out though, find its sweet spot and use it to your advantage.

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