Wednesday, January 14, 2009

YouPublish Born Again

Over the last few months, the development team has been working on a big update to YouPublish. Most of the changes aren’t visible to the public — they’re deep inside the code that makes the service work. Among these, are changes that make the site run a whole lot better in Internet Explorer 6 — one of the most popular web browsers among our Asian users. We also tightened up the code so that it was more efficient. Out front, where you can actually see the differences, we dialed back the branding on the site and launched a new file player.
When we first launched YouPublish almost a year ago, we had no publishers and no content. So the only thing for people to really see was the site. So we made it colorful. Really colorful. Over time, we’ve slowly knocked back the use of color to allow your publications to shine. With this roll-out, we’ve taken the branding all the way back to gray. It’s a bold step — but we know who makes YouPublish special. It’s you. You’re the star of the site … and our branding needs to reflect that. We’ll continue to refine the look of the site to improve the user experience, but we’ve put our candy-coated color wheel away and will only bring it out for special occasions.
And the player? When we first launched the player late last summer, we were all really excited. “Finally!” we thought, “Our users will be able to immediately enjoy so much of this amazing content”. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the player and expand the types of files it accepts. And now we’ve taken it to the next level by vastly improving the organization of the player and how it displays the files it plays. We think you’re going to love it.

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