Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Roll-out: Google Love and More!

Last night’s roll-out was a pretty special one — with a couple of big items folded into the code:
Google Friendly Documents
Let’s face it, Google is the biggest search engine out there, and if you want to be seen, heard, or watched, you need to make certain you’re on Google. That’s why we’re constantly fine-tuning our site to be as search engine friendly as possible… and last night was a huge step forward! Starting today, documents are now fully indexable by Google. What does that mean? It means that we’ve made it possible for Google to index your published documents… which means Google, in turn, can help it’s VAST audience find them! Google indexes the web on its own schedule, but we expect to see much more traffic to the site beginning within the next few weeks.
Another big update last night was site-wide messaging. Now you can send messages directly to other YouPublish users. Just surf to a member’s profile page, and you can send a personal note from the messaging center found there. It’s that simple!
Not familiar with messaging?
Well, messages are short notes that can only be seen by the sender and the recipient. Use a message like you might use an e-mail… but unlike e-mail, neither of you have to share sensitive contact information to communicate.
Explore the MY MESSAGES area, and you’ll discover that you can reply to messages you’ve received, open threads to read a message’s history, and delete old messages. MY MESSAGES is designed to make managing your messages easy.
So there you go. Messaging. Another way we’re helping you to publish, find, talk about… whatever!
More From… YOU!
You work hard to make your publications shine… you start with a great file, take time to describe it well, you even offer sample files on paid publications. But any marketer knows that the secret to sales success is the accidental find… you know what we’re talking about: you go to the store for milk, but walk away with $200 of stuff you didn’t know you needed. That’s why we’re working hard to make the site more accident friendly! One part of that effort, came with last night’s roll-out: on every publication’s page, there’s a new little area called “More from…” which showcases other publications you have. Now it’s just that much easier for folks to surf the site and stumble upon that must-have publication. Look for more features like this in the months ahead!