Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Roll-out: Can You Keep a Secret?

This month’s roll-out is, of course, FILLED with all sorts of improvements behind the scenes… faster server response, improvements in security, all the stuff that folks demand from modern web sites. But they’re probably not the sorts of things you or I find terribly interesting.
Lucky for us… March’s roll-out includes a few interesting developments up-front:
  • Private Publications
  • Restricted Downloads
  • New Home Page
  • Messaging Notification Preferences
Private Publications
Leading the pack of improvements is the ability for you to make your published files private. What does that mean? It means that unless folks know the secret link to a private file, they won’t be able to find it. Have a file you want to share with co-workers but not the world? Make it private, then send around the link in an e-mail! It’s just a matter of checking a box during the publishing process. Dead simple — and as private as your care to make it!
We started with breaking down the barrier between free and paid … and now we’ve added public and private.
Restricted Downloads
When we developed the file player, we made it possible for folks to “experience” most of your files without having to ever download them. Now we allow you to add an additional level of security to these playable files. Check a box during publishing, and files that can be played online will not be available for download.
Of course, folks WANT to download the files they like — especially if they’ve paid for them. So please think twice before checking the box.
New Home Page
Our spiffy new home page is packed with lots of ways for folks to find your publications — there are now dozens of places for you and your files to show up! And the clean, well-organized layout delivers all of this information without overwhelming the visitor. It’s a tough balancing act — but we’re pretty excited about the results.
Messaging Notification Preferences
Last but not least, we’ve added a preference — accessible in the MY ACCOUNT area under MY YOUPUBLISH — to turn off e-mail notifications of site messages. Check the box, and those helpful little e-mails alerting you to each message received will stop coming — which will be a big relief to those of you who’ve been receiving a flood of messages!
So, there you go … another amazing roll-out! Stay tuned for more excitement. And, as always, send us your thoughts.