Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're on a Roll!

Today, the development team quietly unveiled yet another roll-out, featuring huge improvements to our document player, updates in the publishing process, better site navigation, and a host of smaller feature tweaks and bug fixes.
New Document Player
When we rolled out the multi-format player, a few months ago, we introduced something amazing: a way for our site’s users to enjoy most of the files they find on YouPublish without having to download them. And tonight’s update brings a huge update to one of the most important parts of the player: the document window. The new document viewer now loads large documents with ease — and updated zoom and paging controls make reading and moving through documents a breeze!
Types & Keywords
From the earliest days of YouPublish, publishers have been asked to describe their publication’s “type”. The idea being that reading a book about love is a completely different experience from listening to music about love or (heaven forbid) scanning a spreadsheet about love. Because they’re so different, we wanted a way for folks to differentiate. With today’s update, we’ve expanded our list of publication types (more than 30!) and made the processes of choosing a type smarter. We’ve also introduced a new concept of keywords. In addition to well-written desciptions and titles, keywords will help search engines better understand your publications. Together, types and keywords make your publications easier to find.
Improved Navigation
We’re constantly looking for ways to help people move through the site. Making it easier for folks to figure out where they are, when they’re dropped into the middle of the site by a search engine means more traffic for you and your publications. That’s why we made the site header bolder and easier to understand at a glance. With the new header, users will always know exactly where they are!
* * *
Of course, you know that more updates are already in the pipeline … so keep checking here for the latest news! And keep the great feedback flowing! We’re always interested in what you think and how you use the site.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

YouPublish 講中文!

It’s true! YouPublish now “speaks” Chinese! Well, to be more accurate, YouPublish is now available in Traditional Chinese — in addition to English and Japanese. Just use the pulldown menu at the top of every page (right next to the logo). Choose the language you wish to use, and the site reloads automagically.
Of course, we do a some work on the back-end to deliver the correct language to you from the start. How is that possible? Well, when you visit a site, your browser announces a few peices of information, including the language that it currently uses to display its own menus. We use that information, and assume that if you’re browsing the site using a browser that displays Chinese (or Japanese or English) menus, then you probably want to see our site in Chinese (or Japanese or English). So 99% of the time, we’ll guess correctly. The rest of the time, the handy language selector is available!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Say Cheese!

Do you have a camera attached to your computer — a web cam, or maybe one of those nifty built-in cameras that come with so many of the new models? Well, now you can use it to snap a profile picture of yourself! Why fish through tons of old snapshots when you can update your profile pic whenever you want!
It’s easy: just go to MY PROFILE in the MY YOUPUBLISH area and choose “Take a Photo with My Camera”. You’ll need to have Flash 10 installed, and you’ll be warned that Flash is asking to access your computer directly. Say “yes”. Take as much time as you need, then click to snap a photo. You’ll have a 3… 2… 1… countdown to give you a chance to look directly into the camera. Now review the photo. Save if you like it, retake it if you don’t!
It’s easy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Roll-out: Groups at Last!

Today, the development team rolled a major update to YouPublish — and the star of the roll out?

Groups have been a part of the YouPublish plan from our very first meetings in Hawai’i and Tokyo. We’ve known, from the very beginning, that an important part of making the platform meaningful was helping people with similar interests or common goals — families, church groups, companies, hobbyists — connect through their files.
Think about your life … what groups do you already belong to? Your family? A church, mosque, or synagogue? Your department at work? A jogging or quilting club? Each of these groups have files that are important to them — that bring them together or help them achieve their goals.

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Journals & Life Histories
  • Recipes
Community of Faith
  • Inspirational Writings
  • Audio recordings of Sermons
  • Memberships Rosters
  • Maps for Retreats or Youth Outtings
  • Budget Spreadsheets
  • Sales Presentations
  • Training Materials
  • Project Files
Affinity Groups
  • The files here are too numerous to imagine. If there’s a file created, chances are there’s a group who will think it’s important — or at least interesting.
What files are important to your group?
Start a group today, and find out!