Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Roll-out: Groups at Last!

Today, the development team rolled a major update to YouPublish — and the star of the roll out?

Groups have been a part of the YouPublish plan from our very first meetings in Hawai’i and Tokyo. We’ve known, from the very beginning, that an important part of making the platform meaningful was helping people with similar interests or common goals — families, church groups, companies, hobbyists — connect through their files.
Think about your life … what groups do you already belong to? Your family? A church, mosque, or synagogue? Your department at work? A jogging or quilting club? Each of these groups have files that are important to them — that bring them together or help them achieve their goals.

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Journals & Life Histories
  • Recipes
Community of Faith
  • Inspirational Writings
  • Audio recordings of Sermons
  • Memberships Rosters
  • Maps for Retreats or Youth Outtings
  • Budget Spreadsheets
  • Sales Presentations
  • Training Materials
  • Project Files
Affinity Groups
  • The files here are too numerous to imagine. If there’s a file created, chances are there’s a group who will think it’s important — or at least interesting.
What files are important to your group?
Start a group today, and find out!

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