Friday, April 10, 2009

Say Cheese!

Do you have a camera attached to your computer — a web cam, or maybe one of those nifty built-in cameras that come with so many of the new models? Well, now you can use it to snap a profile picture of yourself! Why fish through tons of old snapshots when you can update your profile pic whenever you want!
It’s easy: just go to MY PROFILE in the MY YOUPUBLISH area and choose “Take a Photo with My Camera”. You’ll need to have Flash 10 installed, and you’ll be warned that Flash is asking to access your computer directly. Say “yes”. Take as much time as you need, then click to snap a photo. You’ll have a 3… 2… 1… countdown to give you a chance to look directly into the camera. Now review the photo. Save if you like it, retake it if you don’t!
It’s easy!


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