Wednesday, April 15, 2009

YouPublish 講中文!

It’s true! YouPublish now “speaks” Chinese! Well, to be more accurate, YouPublish is now available in Traditional Chinese — in addition to English and Japanese. Just use the pulldown menu at the top of every page (right next to the logo). Choose the language you wish to use, and the site reloads automagically.
Of course, we do a some work on the back-end to deliver the correct language to you from the start. How is that possible? Well, when you visit a site, your browser announces a few peices of information, including the language that it currently uses to display its own menus. We use that information, and assume that if you’re browsing the site using a browser that displays Chinese (or Japanese or English) menus, then you probably want to see our site in Chinese (or Japanese or English). So 99% of the time, we’ll guess correctly. The rest of the time, the handy language selector is available!

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