Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Tool for Group Admins!

Our brand new GROUPS feature got a wonderful upgrade today, when the development team rolled out SEND MESSAGE TO GROUP. With this feature, group administrators can send a single message to the entire group! Need to let everyone know about some great news? Need to ask for feedback? Send a message to the entire group — it’s easy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Roll-out: Millions of People!

We think all our roll-outs are special, of course. In addition to numerous bug fixes and performance improvements, this month’s roll-out has something for just about everyone:
Facebook Connect — You can now log into YouPublish using your Facebook username and password. Which means that the 200 million Facebook users can now join YouPublish without the added effort of creating a new account from scratch.
Simplified Chinese — YouPublish is now available to the 1 billion people, worldwide, who use simplified Chinese characters in writing, and we couldn’t be happier!
Several Upgrades to Groups:
  • You can now password-protect your group!
  • You can now add a publication to a group in the publishing process — without making it exclusive to that group.
  • Discussion authors and group admins can now delete discussions and comments.
  • Discussion lists now show newest discussions at the top.
  • Group administrators can now hide membership rosters, publication lists, and discussions from non-members.
  • Discussion Notifications — If you’re participating in a group discussion, you’ll get an email when someone else posts to the discussion. Don’t want e-mail notifications? You can turn them off in the MY YOUPUBLISH area of the site.
Study Courses — We’ve added a new publication type to the line-up to make finding your publications easier!
FAQ — Updated the help documentation.
As always, we’re happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.