Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More is Better

Selling your products on YouPublish just became more enticing! We’ve just changed our pay scale in your favor.  Instead of receiving only 50% commission from each of your sales, you will now be receiving 70%!
This revenue modification is effective immediately; however, it is not applicable to past sales.
What does this mean for you? When you sell products on YouPublish, you get 70% of the revenue, and we get 30% (traditional publishers pay 7% to 10% to authors, and the last time we checked, Amazon was paying 35% to its e-book publishers).
How does this change affect your referral rate? The good news is that it doesn’t! For each sale your referral makes, you still receive 7.5% of their sales for two years. How about your co-creators and commission splits? All the calculations have been handled by YouPublish — so sit back and enjoy the extra income!
You can check your sales by going to My YouPublish > My Sales. If you have any questions, feel free to drop our support team a line.
Don’t forget to share the love — refer your friends!